Snow days and sledding!

We’ve had a couple snow days in the last few months. Most of them have been virtual learning days, which with a Kindergartner is a total blast. NOT. Kinder kids haven’t been issue iPads by the district, so his teacher usually sends home her lesson plan, exactly, with the times we’re supposed to do everything.

I don’t envy the time when virtual learning was a thing long term here. I really can’t imagine doing that and trying to work at the same time. Because while my kids mine have snow days, I do not necessarily get them.

I still have to work even if I don’t go into the office, whether it’s from home or on my writing/publishing business.

Just the other week we had a snow day again. Sister had been sick Sunday-Tuesday. We had a snow day Wednesday. And Spidey was sick Thursday. Friday was a no school day for him. Goodness, talk about a mess of a week, but on Wednesday, my spouse actually had off work, and my schedule was fairly light.

I tossed what I was supposed to do out the window, and we went to get breakfast at Shari’s. I totally forgot how it’s such a north western chain, so my Texas born and raised spouse had never eaten there.
We bought a marionberry pie to bring home (I definitely ate way more than half of it). And then we snuck off to Wally-world and saw some sleds on clearance.

Snagging them, we called up the neighbors, found a hill, and spent two hours sledding. We came home with wind and cold chapped cheeks, but having had boatloads of fun!

So here’s the lesson for the week…Take family time. Just do it already. Spend time with the kids, with the spouse, with your friends. It’s so worth it.

Tell me what you think. I wanna know!

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