My latest battle with the ‘Zon #kdp #amazon #amazonkdp #ridiculous

I frequently have issues with Amazon flagging my indie books because I have the same pen name as another author, but this latest time takes the cake. The last ten months has been a near constant battle with Amazon, and I have honestly never wanted to stop publishing more because of it. But I do … Continue reading My latest battle with the ‘Zon #kdp #amazon #amazonkdp #ridiculous

It’s summer! — well, almost

You know what one fun thing is about having a kid in school and in kindergarten? He has no understanding of normal school things.  We've switched Spidey through a lot of daycares, some by choice, others not. His first one closed about 9 months after he started there, closing the whole business. The second one … Continue reading It’s summer! — well, almost

Indigo: Blues is here! #wlw #lesfic #smalltown #lesbianromance #slowburn

Indigo: Blues released this month, and I've been amazed at how well it's doing. Readers truly are what makes this entire process of publishing worth it in the end. There's a whole lot of frustrations that comes with it, but sharing stories, that's where the joy is. I wrote this book over a year ago, and one … Continue reading Indigo: Blues is here! #wlw #lesfic #smalltown #lesbianromance #slowburn

Back to therapy I go…and progress I will make…

I make it no secret that I have been to therapy in my past. I haven't been to individual therapy since I was in college. Not for lack of trying. The last few individual therapists I've tried have been awful and so not worth my time or money.In fact, as soon as I confessed to one what I … Continue reading Back to therapy I go…and progress I will make…

Snow days and sledding!

We've had a couple snow days in the last few months. Most of them have been virtual learning days, which with a Kindergartner is a total blast. NOT. Kinder kids haven't been issue iPads by the district, so his teacher usually sends home her lesson plan, exactly, with the times we're supposed to do everything.I … Continue reading Snow days and sledding!

Grace Halling is coming back! #lesfic #wlw #sapphic #sleuth

A kid with no name, an investigation into her unit, and her family in crisis.This case is the oddest one Detective Grace Halling has ever had. The missing is found, yet four years into the case and no one has made any progress in solving it. With the head of Internal Affairs hot on her tail, Grace must dodge … Continue reading Grace Halling is coming back! #lesfic #wlw #sapphic #sleuth

Indigo B&B – a series I said I’d never write

I never thought I would write a romance series, but when I started looking in how to market better, it made sense, honestly. Next up, I had to figure out how the series was going to work out. Indigo B&B is a series of 5 books, Indigo: Nights being the second in the series. Each book focuses on different main … Continue reading Indigo B&B – a series I said I’d never write

We’re about to get religious…hold onto your hats

For anyone who has read my books, you know that I push boundaries and write about subjects that often are considered taboo or topics that are difficult and heavy.  I live in a world where these topics are my life. I'm a minister. This is normal to me, and quite frankly, I believe it is … Continue reading We’re about to get religious…hold onto your hats

Agent Morgan Stone to return in July! #wlw #crimemystery #thriller

I have always loved crime, mystery, thriller. Anything of that sort. Agent Morgan Stone is no exception to that rule. When I first wrote Stone's Mistake, it was based on a short story that I'd written for submission in an anthology back in 2015.For the following five years, I wanted to expand on that short story, and … Continue reading Agent Morgan Stone to return in July! #wlw #crimemystery #thriller

Indigo: Blues #coverreveal #preorder #wlw #lesfic

This book blossomed because I had one flipping scene in my head, and that scene didn't even end up in the book until chapter fifteen, but boy did I love writing it.  I had a few goals and challenges to myself with this book. I wanted to write a slow burn (totally accomplished), and I … Continue reading Indigo: Blues #coverreveal #preorder #wlw #lesfic

Marketing Frenzy #amwriting #indie #ireadindies

I have long neglected this blog. I hope to stop that, but as marketing comes and goes with the events of a new release, I fear the blog is low on the priority list for me. It has been since July...which is shocking. So much has happened since then. Love Burns released August 17th. Release … Continue reading Marketing Frenzy #amwriting #indie #ireadindies

The Eira Ghost is Here #fairytaleretelling #lesfic #wlw #paranormalromance

My daughter, "Sister," and I modeling two paperbacks of Eira. She's much better at modeling than I am. Eira is FINALLY here. This story and I have been through the ringer. I originally plotted it out in 2015 when I became obsessed with Frozen, well, after I became obsessed. I really wanted Elsa to get the girl, and … Continue reading The Eira Ghost is Here #fairytaleretelling #lesfic #wlw #paranormalromance

Religion in lesfic #brokentaboos #amwriting #shortstory

I write lesfic, and I write religion, and the two do not often mix. There are some places that this works, but most likely, whatever I write with a women loving women bent and religion is not going to take off. I know this, but still I write it. Why? Because lesbians are Christians and … Continue reading Religion in lesfic #brokentaboos #amwriting #shortstory

A Mission and a Risk #WIPpetWednesday

And here we are at ANOTHER WIPpet Wednesday. So excited to be here. =P I'm sharing from a book titled De-Termination, which is the second Quarter Life book. I published Unbound in 2015! That seems like so flipping long ago, it's hard to imagine. I didn't realize it had been that long. This book has … Continue reading A Mission and a Risk #WIPpetWednesday

Writing has never felt so good! #ROW80 #amwriting #ROW80Update

My goodness I've actually written! It feels so good, you have no idea. Monday I spent a lot of Spider-Man's nap time writing, and as soon as my spouse got home from work, I pounded on the keys as long as I could. That was at least until my wrist started hurting. Gotta start exercising … Continue reading Writing has never felt so good! #ROW80 #amwriting #ROW80Update