The Eira Ghost is Here #fairytaleretelling #lesfic #wlw #paranormalromance

My daughter, "Sister," and I modeling two paperbacks of Eira. She's much better at modeling than I am. Eira is FINALLY here. This story and I have been through the ringer. I originally plotted it out in 2015 when I became obsessed with Frozen, well, after I became obsessed. I really wanted Elsa to get the girl, and … Continue reading The Eira Ghost is Here #fairytaleretelling #lesfic #wlw #paranormalromance

Religion in lesfic #brokentaboos #amwriting #shortstory

I write lesfic, and I write religion, and the two do not often mix. There are some places that this works, but most likely, whatever I write with a women loving women bent and religion is not going to take off. I know this, but still I write it. Why? Because lesbians are Christians and … Continue reading Religion in lesfic #brokentaboos #amwriting #shortstory

A Mission and a Risk #WIPpetWednesday

And here we are at ANOTHER WIPpet Wednesday. So excited to be here. =P I'm sharing from a book titled De-Termination, which is the second Quarter Life book. I published Unbound in 2015! That seems like so flipping long ago, it's hard to imagine. I didn't realize it had been that long. This book has … Continue reading A Mission and a Risk #WIPpetWednesday

Writing has never felt so good! #ROW80 #amwriting #ROW80Update

My goodness I've actually written! It feels so good, you have no idea. Monday I spent a lot of Spider-Man's nap time writing, and as soon as my spouse got home from work, I pounded on the keys as long as I could. That was at least until my wrist started hurting. Gotta start exercising … Continue reading Writing has never felt so good! #ROW80 #amwriting #ROW80Update

Progress is Progress #ROW80 #AmWriting #Mourn #KansasBeatitude

I feel like I can add the tag #amwriting this week because I did actually do some writing, even if it wasn't a lot. I managed 1700 words on Thursday before I headed off to work, and while I'd had intentions to write on Friday and Saturday, it just didn't happen. I spent Sunday afternoon … Continue reading Progress is Progress #ROW80 #AmWriting #Mourn #KansasBeatitude

A time to sleep & a time to write #ROW80

I love how as soon as I start sleeping again because the baby starts sleeping again, he immediately stops. It's been about three days straight of no sleep at night, and while last night was better, it's not been great at all. I've also had a lot of pressure and stresses going on at work … Continue reading A time to sleep & a time to write #ROW80

A new work in progress #Mourn #KansasBeatitude #WIPpet

It's been a while since I've done WIPpet. It's also been a while since I've written and posted on this blog. I'm attempting to get back on track with this writing stuff and back into the habit of writing everyday. I've joined up with ROW80 this round in an attempted to basically write one short … Continue reading A new work in progress #Mourn #KansasBeatitude #WIPpet

Update 1 on Mourn #KansasBeautitude #ROW80 #amwriting

I ended up writing 2500 words on Thursday and then not writing again. haha! But 2500 words is something, and I have to keep telling myself that. I would love to average 2500 words a day again like I was doing, but maybe I need to work up to that instead of just assuming writing … Continue reading Update 1 on Mourn #KansasBeautitude #ROW80 #amwriting

Long Time No See! #writing #releases #ohMY!

Whew, it's been a long time since I've been around here. It's completely my fault, but I've had a lot going on in my life. For starters, I had a baby. And you know what? Sleep deprivation is REAL! I haven't been doing a lot of writing either because of said sleep deprivation. My mind … Continue reading Long Time No See! #writing #releases #ohMY!

Tears and Pain #ROW80 and #WIPpetWednesday

I'll start with ROW80 since it's far more quick to do. I did finally remember that other goal I wanted to tag onto my goals this round, and of course I remembered on Sunday evening. we go. 1. Write 1667 words a day. Sunday - 0 Monday - 7282 Tuesday - 8202 2. keep … Continue reading Tears and Pain #ROW80 and #WIPpetWednesday

Cover reveal for Her Journey by Rachael Orman #erotica #motorcycleclub

Title: Her Journey (Her Series #2)Author: Rachael OrmanGenre: Erotic RomancePublication Date: August 27, 2014Tour Host: Dreams Come True Promotions  He’s exactly what she doesn’t need… He’s exactly what she shouldn’t want… He’s exactly what she should stay away from… But she can't.After losing her mother, Melia knew her life would never be the same, she … Continue reading Cover reveal for Her Journey by Rachael Orman #erotica #motorcycleclub

Playing with words #WIPpetWednesday and #ROW80

Let's do ROW80 update first today.   1. Fallen from Grace: write 1 chapter a week (moving week excluded) FINISHED!! Cue the chimes! Ring the bell! Throw the confetti!! I'm FINISHED! 2. Promo: Answer three interview questions a day until done 3. Promo: Write out a guest post a week until done 4. Lovely, Dark, … Continue reading Playing with words #WIPpetWednesday and #ROW80

GOD and LGBT: Adrian responds to a blog comment.

I was asked to write a response to a not so Christian comment, and I do believe God was with me while I wrote it.

Rainbow Gold Reviews

RGR received a comment yesterday that had nothing to do with the guestpost it was left on. However, we felt like we needed to respond, even if no one had seen the comment before we marked it as Spam. These are the kind of words gay men and women often hear and I am glad Adrian can give us a new way to see the words and take away their power.

There’s one thing in life I have never struggled with and that’s being a Christian. I’ve always felt called by God and loved by God. I’ve always been supported in my family even though I’m not “normal.” I’m on the queer spectrum, and I fall in a place that is rarely accepted. I’m bisexual, and yes, I’m also a Christian.

It’s important for me to explain this because I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard things like this…

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