August 17, 2021

A chef must learn to open her heart when challenged by her young but wise nanny, who has a knack for turning up the heat.

Kimberly Thompson—or Kim Burns, her stage name—is a celebrity chef whose career is taking off. As a single mom who has a penchant for being a bit of a bitch, she goes through nannies like the flavor of the month until Becca Kline is sent to her by Kiddie Academy.

Becca—known as ‘the fixer’—is often sent to homes considered to be troublemakers. In charge of caring for four-year-old Michael, she is determined to make this job her last before student teaching in the fall and finishing up her degree, which she has been working on for the better part of a decade.

Neither Kimberly nor Becca are prepared for the changes headed toward them, and they both have to learn the hard way that love doesn’t wait or discriminate.


October 5, 2021

One-night stands aren’t supposed to turn into forever.

Payton knew she couldn’t be the normal twenty-something when she ends up with custody of her infant nephew. Leaping at the opportunity for a full-time job, she has instant regrets when in walks the woman of her dreams. Bellamy. Her one-night stand from the waitress job she’d just quit. Not willing to risk stability for love, Payton is determined to stand by Bellamy as she fights for her law firm and her life.

Bellamy has worked with and loved her wife of ten years as best as she knows how, but it’s never enough. When Kendra pushes Bellamy to her limits and a young, cute waitress offers an opportunity, Bellamy seizes the moment, knowing she’ll never see Payton again. But months later, when Kendra hires their new paralegal, Bellamy comes face-to-face with the one-night stand she can’t seem to forget and the failed marriage she’s not sure she can escape.

Will Payton and Bellamy find the fairy tale they both dream of or will their worlds collapse under the weight of all their responsibilities?

If you want an epic love story that will pull your heartstrings, this ice queen, age gap romance is just for you.


November 9, 2021

This daring holiday, BDSM, age-gap romance is coming this November! Stay tuned for more information!


A woman cursed. A ghost in the woods. A park ranger with a choice—her life for another.

Gwyn has lived inconspicuously in Glacier National Park for the better part of a century, careful never to reveal too much. By day she masquerades as the Eira Ghost, the one who ushers in the winter every fall, to get a glimpse of what she will never have—love. In order to fully break the curse, she would have to risk everything, and she’s not willing to watch Kay die.

Kay loves being a park ranger and every summer, she searches for the elusive Eira Ghost, a legend she’s tried to prove for three summers. Little does she know, she’s come face to face with all she’s been looking for. But is Kay willing to give up her life in order to break Gwyn’s curse?

If you wanted Elsa to find true love with another woman or if you love fairy tales retold, this modern Snow Queen retelling is just for you.


The first day of her junior year in college was supposed to go off without a hitch. But when Ainsley Jacobs sat in her memoir class with a professor she’d never had before, her life took an unexpected turn. She couldn’t get her well-dressed professor, Meredith Frenz, out of her head.

Meredith had lived a lonely yet comfortable life for the past fifteen years, and despite flings here and there, she had no desire to jump head first into a relationship, especially one with her student. Despite all her thwarted efforts, Meredith was determined to keep to herself and push Ainsley away.

Forbidden love is often the most attractive.


One decision changes everything Kara holds dear to her heart.

Kara Barton makes a leap of faith decision after discovering her pregnancy and moves to the middle of nowhere Kansas. Being a photographer, she knows she can find work almost anywhere she wants, but making what is left behind after tragedy a life is harder than she ever imagined.

When she meets Tiny, a dark-eyed native to the Western Plains, her plans and life vision are thrown off track. With secrets tangled together, she stumbles through her first year in Kansas, hoping she can make it to the end of the year without too many mistakes left in her wake.