Back to Camping! #WIPpetWednesday #ghoststories

Hey all, So I decided to go back to camping. I need to get writing again, and I'm hoping this will help with my motivation. What this means is we're back to the ghost story novella I started working on months and months ago. If you don't remember, or weren't around then, Kay is a … Continue reading Back to Camping! #WIPpetWednesday #ghoststories

*waves* It’s #WIPpet Wednesday! And I’m back!

So it's certainly been awhile, but I'm slowly getting back on the band wagon. I spent the summer traveling and sick (more on that later), but I'm getting back on my feet, so long as people stop dying around here and I stop presiding at funerals. I'm running low on time this morning, but I'll … Continue reading *waves* It’s #WIPpet Wednesday! And I’m back!