Open when you’re having a bad day… #openwhen #loveletter

I hope you’re still at the point where venting will help. Vent away, babe. I’m here to listen to you complain about whatever. If you’re not at that point anymore, if you’re being just talking it out, then I’ll snuggle with you, I’ll cuddle with you, I’ll buy you ice cream and watch you play … Continue reading Open when you’re having a bad day… #openwhen #loveletter

Love and Death, the commonalities by Michael DuPuy #loveisamess #authorcorner

Good morning all! I've asked Michael DuPuy to write up something on his first ever published piece. It happens to be in the Love is a Mess anthology! Michael hails to us from the large state of Texas, where he writes in his spare time of just plain being awesome. Michael DuPuy, while not investigating … Continue reading Love and Death, the commonalities by Michael DuPuy #loveisamess #authorcorner

Funny Money #WIPpetWednesday and #ROW80

I really must apologize for not visiting anyone last week. Between having a crappy weekend and then dealing and fighting with depression and illness, it wasn't possible. Hopefully most of that is over now, or at least will be over by the end of today. I'm going to try and make up for the days … Continue reading Funny Money #WIPpetWednesday and #ROW80

Authenticity of Masturbation #brokentaboos

I’ve read a whole lot of romance books in my life. It’s one of my secrets that I read and hardly anyone knows about. I tend to like romance over erotic romance and definitely over erotica, and yes there is a difference. But sex wasn’t always acceptable in piece. It’s still not acceptable in a … Continue reading Authenticity of Masturbation #brokentaboos

Open when you’re nervous… #openwhen #loveletters

I know you get nervous, babe. You always get anxious, especially about certain things like school. I want you to take a few deep, calming breaths. Close your eyes and focus only on you and God for a moment. I want you to breathe in God’s presence and let it calm you, relax you, ease … Continue reading Open when you’re nervous… #openwhen #loveletters

Dog Chases #row80 and #WIPpet

I've been doing a lot of writing so far this week. It's been so relaxing and awesome. Grace through Redemption had started the beta reading process and I got the prologue back last night. w00t! I hope the novel will be done soon. Unfortunately my brand new barely a month old computer has been crashing. … Continue reading Dog Chases #row80 and #WIPpet

Broken Taboos: Religion #taboo #brokentaboo #religioninwriting

To continue the saga of what taboos I write, I've chosen religion as my next component. I don't know how many of you have read my series, but if you have, then you know religion is an element in them. We're always told growing up not to talk religion and politics. Well, I didn't talk, … Continue reading Broken Taboos: Religion #taboo #brokentaboo #religioninwriting

Open when you have doubts about us… #openwhen #loveletters

It’s not simple to worry or work through this one. It’s complicated and scary. Very scary for me and probably for you. When you have doubts about us, everything compounds and it’s hard to get out of that thinking. All I can do is to ask you to remember why you thought we could work. … Continue reading Open when you have doubts about us… #openwhen #loveletters

Ella’s Love COVER REVEAL! #coverreveal #authorcorner

Title: Ella's Love Author: Jasmine Lee Genre: Contemporary Release Date: February 4, 2015 Cover Design: Sheri McGathy Models: TJ (Front) & Donna Jo Petty-Kitchens (Back) Photographers: Amber & Tabitha Patterson Add to Goodreads TBR Synopsis: A chance meeting years ago. Another chance meeting one night followed by a passionate kiss. A final chance meeting in … Continue reading Ella’s Love COVER REVEAL! #coverreveal #authorcorner

A promotion opportunity… #ROW80 and #WIPpetWednesday

Good morning, world! As my crazy week continues into day eleven of no time off, I've decided to take half days. Meaning, I'm home by noon and napping by three and awake again by five. It kills any extra writing time I would get in the afternoons, but three hour naps are often awesome. Then … Continue reading A promotion opportunity… #ROW80 and #WIPpetWednesday

Open when you have doubts about God… #openwhen #loveletters

This one isn’t easy. I’ve watching you in faith since we’ve known each other, and I’ve seen you grow so much. Partly it might be because of my job, but I don’t ever want my work to force you to have doubts. You’ll readily see the good and the bad about faith if you stand … Continue reading Open when you have doubts about God… #openwhen #loveletters

Broken Taboos: being bisexual and writing lesbian fiction

I wrote this post on my Facebook wall a while ago and realized quickly it was 1. too long for a post on Facebook and 2. really needed to be expanded on. So here you rant on why I write broken taboos and then a calmer discussion toward the bottom.     What? I … Continue reading Broken Taboos: being bisexual and writing lesbian fiction

Open when you feel out of place… #openwhen #loveletters

Babe, don’t worry. I got this one. I know EXACTLY where you place is. It’s right here. See? Right here! Right next to me. Side by side, we have found our place together. Neither one of us is in front of the other. We’re not the leader or the follower. In some things yes, but … Continue reading Open when you feel out of place… #openwhen #loveletters

A few days down, a ton more to go. #ROW80 & #WIPpetWednesday

Good morning all! I'm excited to report that it's the start of a new year and the start of a new round of ROW80, as if you didn't already know that. A few days ago, Sunday I think, I started writing a short story for submission. It wasn't quite going how I had planned it, … Continue reading A few days down, a ton more to go. #ROW80 & #WIPpetWednesday

Open when you feel like giving up on something… #openwhen

  It’s okay to give up. It’s okay to say you can’t do something anymore. It’s okay when the dream you had isn’t exactly the reality you found. It’s hard, and it’s not easy. But I will support you in any and all changes you feel you need to make to your life.   If … Continue reading Open when you feel like giving up on something… #openwhen