Interview with Aaron Speca & Cover Reveal for “Dying Embers”

Hey y'all (I can say that since I live in Texas). I was interviewed by Aaron Speca, an amazing, amazing person. The interview went live today. I have to say, this is was the funnest interview I have done so far. He did a great job on it. ALSO!!!!! On a more exciting note, there's … Continue reading Interview with Aaron Speca & Cover Reveal for “Dying Embers”

Grammar Wednesday: Word Mixups – Who vs. Whom

So I might be cheating a little bit this week. Throughout moving, school starting, work starting, and some medical stuff that's going on, I don't have the energy to write up an entire post. HOWEVER, I was emailed this awesome, awesome, AWESOME explanation of who versus whom. I think it's one of those word mixups … Continue reading Grammar Wednesday: Word Mixups – Who vs. Whom

WIPpet Wednesday August 28, 2013

Welcome, welcome, welcome! It's Wednesday. That means it's WIPpet Wednesday. That means you get an excerpt from my current WIP (Work In Progress). Here's the deal. And feel free to join in. Just write a post with your current WIP and have the excerpt somehow relate to the date. So, since today is August 28th, … Continue reading WIPpet Wednesday August 28, 2013

Inspiration @amandatapping @damiankindler @realmartinwood @gillianhorvath

Amanda, Damian and Martin:Sanctuary inspired me. I have spent the majority of my life struggling with depression and the aftermath of a traumatic start to life. In 2009 I was seeing three therapists at the same time, dealing with clinical depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and just plain learning new methods of coping. I was also … Continue reading Inspiration @amandatapping @damiankindler @realmartinwood @gillianhorvath

WIPpet Wednesday! August 20, 2013

Well, here we go. I'm back! Yay! School has started, work has started, I'm moving in 9 days, life is about to stay insane for awhile. But! the writing is good, as it always is. I have been awarded the wonderful position of Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo in the DFW region. I'm so excited to … Continue reading WIPpet Wednesday! August 20, 2013

Grammar Wednesday: Word Mixups — Further vs Farther

I recently read a book, not to be named, where the author could NOT figure out the difference between further and farther. It occurred to me that this author was probably not the only one with this issue. Both have an essence of distance. Farther is physical distance. Further is metaphorical distance. FOR EXAMPLE: Rusty … Continue reading Grammar Wednesday: Word Mixups — Further vs Farther

“A Divine Life” by R.E. Hargrave

Welcome one and welcome all. As you know, I read books (who would guess that?). Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of reading R.E. Hargrave's first book in The Divine Trilogy. It's a fascinating read with interesting characters that goes deeper into the BDSM world than many of the books I've read. Today, I … Continue reading “A Divine Life” by R.E. Hargrave