Fallen from Editing…=P WIPpet Wednesday! April 30, 2014

I have finished edits. I'm officially done with editing my own stuff for at least a month. Ashes Fall has been sent to the publisher, and I'm awaiting more edits back from her. I have taken on a new project, editing for a debut author. I'll let you all know how that goes, but the … Continue reading Fallen from Editing…=P WIPpet Wednesday! April 30, 2014

COVER REVEAL Her Ride by Rachael Orman #authorcorner

Title: Her Ride Author: Rachael Orman Genre: Adult Romance Publication Date: June 2014 Tour Host: Dreams Come True Promotions   Being happy. It sounds so simple. Yet, it seems that it’s always just out of reach for Shannon Ryan. After serving overseas for six years as a female United States Marine, Ryan is finally getting … Continue reading COVER REVEAL Her Ride by Rachael Orman #authorcorner

Lesbian Erotica #authorcorner with Terry Birchwood

Lesbian Erotica   No matter how refrained from sex we wish to be, most of our bodies ache for stimulation at some point in time. Many of us are sexually aroused through all of our senses, triggered by a well of emotions. Whether the spark is between people of the same gender or opposite, it … Continue reading Lesbian Erotica #authorcorner with Terry Birchwood

Paper Cups by Diane Rinella #authorcorner

In Scary Modsters… and Creepy Freaks, rock star Peter Lane closes eyes in 1968 and reopens them in 2014. He expects to see positive changes. Instead, he sees the world in even more turmoil than when he left it. Peter’s discoveries changed me, and I can no longer turn a blind eye to the world’s … Continue reading Paper Cups by Diane Rinella #authorcorner

#authorcorner Interview with Erik Schubach

I'm so excited to have Erik on my blog today! He's a fantastical unicorn. =P Tell us about yourself. Not a lot to say. Born in England, raised in the USA. I'm pretty convinced I'm either an alien or a unicorn. Given the choice, always be a unicorn! My primary language is sarcasm, which I … Continue reading #authorcorner Interview with Erik Schubach

Writing Process Blog Hop!

I was tagged by the awesomely amazing Ruth Nestvold in the Writing Process Blog Hop! I'm also participating in Rainbow Gold Reviews Easter Egg Hunt! If you would like to participate and win an amazing package, check it out over here. What this means, however, is that there is a secret word or phrase hidden … Continue reading Writing Process Blog Hop!

The other f-word C.D. Sweitzer Guest Post #authorcorner

A few weeks ago, my wife was listening to her newly downloaded 80’s playlist while housecleaning. In the middle of Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing,” she lunged toward the stereo and cranked down the volume. Confused, I asked her what was wrong. She replied that there was a “bad” word in the song, one that … Continue reading The other f-word C.D. Sweitzer Guest Post #authorcorner

From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust…

I almost forgot about WIPpet Wednesday again this week! My life on the outside of writing finally seems to be heading in the direction I've been waiting and wanting for years! I'm not going to share specifics, but it's ridiculously exciting. I will finally be able to do my dream job! Which isn't writing, if … Continue reading From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust…

#authorcorner Interview with Jon De’Lisle

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Jon De'Lisle this week and to learn all about him and his work!   Tell us about yourself. My name is Jon De’Lisle, and I live in New Mexico. The Dantone Project is my first published (self-published actually) novel. I guess that first, I would say I have … Continue reading #authorcorner Interview with Jon De’Lisle