#ROW80 update and progress on goals

This has been a crazy hard month for us, started really end of January, and it’s looking to continue to be another rough month. My spouse was fired, we’re switching kids’ daycare because of abuse issues, I’ve been sick with some cold, stomach bug through the house, COVID scare…it never ends. That’s legit just the last two weeks haha

So…my goals likely need to change. Here’s the original and what I’ve accomplished. I think I should still be able to get most of it accomplished. I’m on chapter 20 of 29 for Race War in terms of writing. I can’t do anything with Stone’s Mistake until I get edits back (I’m impatient for sure), and I should be able to write the other two by the end of March. Fingers crossed I’m able to start picking up the pace even just a little to meet my goals.

Round 1 Goals

  1. EDIT – Stone’s Mistake (Agent Morgan Stone #1) – Waiting on edits back
  2. EDIT – Young & Old (Missing Persons #3) – halfway done
  3. WRITE – Race War (Agent Morgan Stone #2) – IN PROGRESS
  4. WRITE – Beware (Quarter Life #4)
  5. WRITE – Alone & Lonely (Missing Persons #4)
  6. MARKET – Stone’s Mistake (Agent Morgan Stone #1) – IN PROGRESS
  7. MARKET – Release (Quarter Life #3)


  1. WRITE – Country Style
  2. EDIT – Love Burns
  3. EDIT – Lawyer Piece

Tell me what you think. I wanna know!

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