Lesbian Erotica #authorcorner with Terry Birchwood

Lesbian Erotica


No matter how refrained from sex we wish to be, most of our bodies ache for stimulation at some point in time. Many of us are sexually aroused through all of our senses, triggered by a well of emotions. Whether the spark is between people of the same gender or opposite, it can lead to amazing encounters.

While the primary goal of my books is to explore what people are willing to do for love and hate, sexual scenes take a prominent seat throughout the book series. As intently as I explore sex, I also delve into professions, relationships, hopes, fears and many other elements that comprise our beings. The stories are lesbian erotic thrillers where the lead characters are lesbians; and we follow their lives filled with families, friends, lovers, and coworkers. Lives tear apart and some mend while love, lust, and betrayal take center stage. Through soft and hardcore sexual content, I explore heterosexual and homosexual acts to capture real life situations. Most straight people know at least one gay person, and most gay people know many straight persons so why not mix their tales in a book? I could not think of a reason to avoid the challenge. Guess what? Many have sex.

In my books, I heavily incorporate lesbianism and eroticism due to the controversy surrounding the topics. I believe we need to free ourselves of the discontent people associate to attractions and acts that are not of their belief, especially when no one is being hurt and the participators are willful. If you want spinach, and I don’t want any, I am not going to bash your head in or cuss you – I will simply avoid purchasing spinach. If you like to engage in soccer and I don’t like it, I will not try to enact a law to ban soccer. I think you all get the point. We need to stop the nonsense of trying to run the world around one system of preferences. I can’t imagine we were all put here to follow one of us.

In closing, why lesbian erotica? There’s a saying about writing about what you know – I am a lesbian who loves sex and mystery. “I wanted so badly to throw caution to the wind, go to her home, knock on the door, walk in, and begin a delicious tasting of each other, no words uttered. However, sense and sensibility had to stay in control.” Enjoy the books. Terry Birchwood




This is a tale that explores what people are willing to do for love and hate. The main characters, Tabby and Star, thought they would be together forever. Time told a different story. One has moved on and married; the other refuses to let another person spend the night in her bed even after fervent lovemaking. Even though apart for years, they cannot erase the memory tattoos of one another. Surrounded by friends and family, each woman faces the consequences of the choices that she has made.


Tipping Over


In this second installment, your favorite lesbians, Star and Tabby, continue to share their lives with you. A crime has been committed and the circle is seeking an assailant while defending one of their members from wrongful punishment. Who is dead and why? Most importantly, what does this have to do with our favorite couple, if anything? Will Tabby and Star realize that they belong together or apart? Will their decisions drive their choices or outside forces determine their relationship? As they challenge their feelings by taking on new mates, will any of the relationships survive?


author pic

Terry Birchwood has been writing books for two years. Right now, the focus is on exploring what people are willing to do for love and hate. That exploration surrounds engaging lesbian erotic thrillers that keep you flipping the pages and wishing you had more to flip when you reach the end of her tales. With an eternal tango between her left and right brains, Terry enjoys many creative outlets based on writing, art, and music. To soothe her right brain, she focuses on providing companies with business solutions to improve online and offline processes




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