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Good morning everyone! It’s Sunday! It’s my last day of work at my church. =( I’m going to miss my kiddlets. Anyway, this morning was tagged. In a good way, I promise! This morning I was tagged for this meme by Emily Witt. and thus what I am currently doing!

I had to work to decide whether to talk about For by Grace, or this newest novel that I am co-writing. I think I’ll go with the co-written one; it’s a rather fun piece to write!

Shall we begin…

1. What is the name of your current WIP?
It doesn’t have a name yet. We call it either the sex-shifting alien erotica, Usnavi and Jane, All Aboard, The Station…we should probably get on the naming boat and figure out a title.

2. Ready to do a cover reveal?
Not at all! I have been thinking about the cover and what it will look like though. I have to find someone who can make my alien for me.

3. How many words are you into it?
We just hit 51.6k words yesterday. Our guess is that it will be between 60k-65k words total–my guess was 63k. =P

4. Goal word count by the end of the week?
Hey! Look at that! It is the end of the week! We usually strive for about 10k a week, I believe–although, everything is dependent on schedules. We only try to work on the novel one day a week. This week we had three days because we’re just that special. This week, for three days of writing, we did 14,122 words.

5. Goal word count for the entire manuscript?
Original goal was 50,000…second goal is somewhere between 60,000 and 65,000.

6. What genre does your work in progress fall within?
Erotica, romance, science fiction, probably some mystery/crime in there too.

7. When would you *like* to publish this project?
Whenever a publisher likes it, or whenever I figure out how to format it for self-publishing (sadly, the latter will probably take a lot longer).

8. Go to page 5 of your manuscript and pick a sentence at random to share with us!
You get three lines instead of one sentence–it’s a transitional page so hard to choose.

“Where are you going?”

“Mission.” She pulled out three lacy and skimpy pieces of lingerie and shoved them into the duffel bag, not risking a glance to John.

“Why are you bringing lingerie on a mission?”

9. Will this WIP turn into a series book?
We have discussed at least one more tagging onto this with a third character named Dixyl–however, I’m not sure that the ending of this novel will allow for that. We shall see what the future brings. The entire point in writing this piece was to have absolute fun with writing, work out of our comfort zones, and to have zero expectations on anything–thus far, I think we have succeeded.

10. What has been the hardest challenge in working on this WIP?
The hardest thing? I really don’t know; it’s gone fairly smoothly since we started writing. My guess is editing will be a whole other beast to tackle and strap down.

11. What has been your favorite part of working on this WIP?
Honestly, working with someone else. It makes the experience ten times more fun. Granted, finding the right person to work with is hard, but I totally found a fantastic individual. My favorite part is Sirena!

12. Any special treat planned for when you finish the final draft of your WIP?
Usually, I reward myself with something, but I have no idea what that will be for this. Perhaps having an on-line party with my writing partner in crime and our amazing beta-reader.

13. Tag three people to complete this WIP meme!

Sirena Robinson

Mark Woodring

Sarah Hart

Thank you all for reading and participating! Sincerely thank you to Emily for tagging me in it; great little surprise to wake up to this morning. Check out the three people I tagged and see their posts once they get them up! WIP’s for the win, peoples!

3 thoughts on “WIP meme

  1. I’m really interested that you’ve co-written this. Have there been any disagreements or did you both have the same sort of vision for where it was going? I’m so possessive of my ideas and pretty stubbourn, so I don’t know if I’d be any good at co-authorship.

    • We each have veto power but we think alike. I remember sirena was writing a scene and I was reading along (we do it in google docs so its live) and she said something in a joking manner in messenger. I wrote back “no but I like the end…maybe this.” She answers “OMG I was just going to write that.”

      The novel itself, or the initial idea for it was mine and I roped her into it, but it wouldn’t be what it is without her. We’re both very stubborn, but we also both take criticism really well. We don’t mind if the other vetos the idea because there will always be another idea.

      If you want to talk more about co-authorship, just find me on fb and we can message back and forth.

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