WIPpet Wednesday. A quickie and a PO’d chick.

Afternoon!! I’m late! I’m late! But I’m still on time!

Since I’m in the editing process right now, you get an excerpt from Ashes Fall today rather than from the moral injury novella.

Here are two paragraphs for today because we’re still in the second month!

Lily’d had enough. The fire worked between her eyes, centering just between her brows as she blinked. The gun went off. Heath bolted up straight and looked to his side, his weapon having fired. James jumped up off the couch and moved to the still man in front of her. The brown-haired deputy was sprawled on the ground, the bullet in his stomach, making him bleed onto the floor.

Heath bent down, kneeling over his body and radioing it in. Everything started to move in a frenzy. James grabbed Lily and her keys, running out the back door and shoving her daughter into the car. Lily complied, thrusting her seat belt over her shoulder. James slid into the driver’s seat and started to back out of the drive. Heath stepped out of the house just in time to see her leave the driveway. He leaned down, presumably calling their car in. Lily sneered and made his gun go off again, shooting him in the foot.

Have a great day!!

5 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday. A quickie and a PO’d chick.

  1. Ah…okay. *nods* I didn’t quite get who pulled the trigger in the first paragraph, but the ending made it all clear. :) So sometimes I’m a bit slow.

  2. It’s a bit hard to follow who is doing what to whom when, Adrian. I mean, by the end, I was fairly sure how the action played out, but it required a reread. Probably would have been easier in context….

    And you weren’t THAT late.

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