It’s summer! — well, almost

You know what one fun thing is about having a kid in school and in kindergarten? He has no understanding of normal school things. 

We’ve switched Spidey through a lot of daycares, some by choice, others not. His first one closed about 9 months after he started there, closing the whole business. The second one he was there about two years before we moved to a whole new state. 

Finding a daycare when you’re not in the state is NOT easy. So the first one was eh. But we moved him because of some issues they had and other parents were having with their kids that bordered on abuse. 

Then we had the kids in another daycare that was absolutely horrible! 

Moved them ASAP, which was when Spidey started kinder. 

So at winter break, Spidey thought that when he went back to school afterward he was going to have a new/different teacher. Which considering he often took a 1-2 week break in between daycares, makes perfect sense. 

Now I’m trying to explain to my 6 year old that he has 10 weeks off straight this summer from school to go to “camp” where he gets to be all day. He’s thrilled by this concept by the way, but I had forgotten that this is stuff I need to explain to my kid. 

This past weekend we went fishing. I’m trying to take time and do more family oriented things, and since we all had the weekend free, we got licenses and went fishing up at Curt Gowdy. 

We used to love going fishing in Kansas, but haven’t done it in a long time. Small kids don’t sit still for long (especially mine). But the lakes are teeming with rainbow trout and that is just too good an opportunity for me to pass up!

What’s a past time you’d love to revive?

Catch you on the flip side, 


2 thoughts on “It’s summer! — well, almost

  1. If my knees still cooperated with me, I’d love to get back in a kayak. Paddling around the bay is so relaxing.

  2. Unfortunately, there is no past time I would love to revive, but wish to forget. Maybe in the future there would be some moments worth living it again.

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