Indigo: Blues is here! #wlw #lesfic #smalltown #lesbianromance #slowburn

Indigo: Blues released this month, and I’ve been amazed at how well it’s doing. Readers truly are what makes this entire process of publishing worth it in the end. There’s a whole lot of frustrations that comes with it, but sharing stories, that’s where the joy is. 

I wrote this book over a year ago, and one of main reasons I wrote it was because I wanted to have a character who struggled with anxiety. My husband struggles with anxiety. As his spouse, it’s something I’ve equally learned to live with, but it is also so nuanced in how someone functions with it. The constant battle not to think about the worst possible scenario is very real. But also the small things with trust, not just trusting someone else, but mostly trusting himself. Sarah is this part of him personified in a very lovely woman.

Eli is the part of me personified that has to deal with the anxiety in someone I love dearly. I just finished writing Indigo: Law, which is the last book in this five book series. Both Sarah and Eli play heavy roles in this book (more so Eli) since the book centers around Eli’s ex-girlfriend Bridget. I hope you’re all in for the wild ride that is this series, from the sweeter romances it’s got, to the ones with much darker themes running through. We all have our own struggles, and we all deserve to find and experience love in our life. 

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