Beaten, bruised and run over…what else? #WIPpet &#ROW80

Hi there!!

We’re in a new round of ROW80, meaning I have new goals that I will hopefully accomplish during this round.

Goal 1: Write 1667 words a day and pretend it’s really NaNo.

Monday — 4729 words
Tuesday — 2308

Goal 2: Actually update on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Ummm…this post!

Goal 3: Edit one chapter a week on something.

Edited Chapter 1 of Unbound to send to second round betas.

so YAY!! onto WIPpet…

Here’s my math for the week. 10 + [(2+7) x 0] + 14 = 24. I did get all complicated because I wanted to use every number. So here’s 24 sentences from chapter 22 in Unbound. I’m nearing the end of the novel! w00t! There’s 29 chapters planned out, so here’s to hoping I stick to what I have of an outline. Remember, Emma = Faye, that name change happened. Oh and Caroline = Faye because she likes to have secret identities. Slight context here, Faye went after Kirill, this mob boss dude, for being an ass lol and so she can prove a point. That’ll all be revealed later, with the whole of the novel is my guess. Kirill beat the crap out of Faye and decided to leave Molly a present on her doorstep. Molly just figured out Caroline (in her head, Faye in reality) is not at the house.

Molly straightened up and reached for her radio.

“Amelia, get together three packs. Caroline went after Kirill.”


“Just do it!” she spat into the radio before charging for her rooms.

Joel followed closely behind, still wiping the sleep from his eyes. He stopped just as she got to her room and asked, “How do you know?”

“I just do. It’s what I would have done. Go get ready. I’ll need you with me.”

Molly was waiting for them at the garage door for three minutes before she saw them both round the corner. If she didn’t know better, she would think they were dragging their feet. Sighing, she got into the van and started the engine.

Amelia opened the back and shoved three bags into it. Joel got into the front seat and turned his own radio on and checked his weapon before sliding it into his holster. They said nothing as Molly backed out of the garage and hit the remote to shut it after her. She turned around in the carport and drove straight for the gate. They opened seamlessly.

She gunned the engine once they were against the edges of the drive. Molly couldn’t stop when she saw it, when the blob on the dark surface of the sidewalk came into view. She tried to slam on her brakes, but she couldn’t make the van stop in time. She hit Caroline, driving over her with front wheels and back before she screeched the van to a stop.


And that is where the chapter ends. =P If you’d like to join in with everyone else, here’s the linky to post yours. If not, use it and go read a bunch of other peoples posts. They’re all pretty awesome!

Author: AJ

I'm an author, a writer, a theologian, a cat-lady, and a crazy person! I'm a mom, a spouse, a creative-jiver, and sometime musician.

33 thoughts on “Beaten, bruised and run over…what else? #WIPpet &#ROW80”

  1. Your math for 24 was a lot fancier than mine…I was just going to go with 10+14 haha.

    I loved the energy in this excerpt! I also love how it ends on such a cliffhanger!! :D

    1. Lol I decided to get fancy because I figured it would be easy lol least this time around!

      Thank you much! I get to write the following scene/chapter today. Yay!

      1. Hopefully!! I want the book out next year some time. =P all depends on release dates the publisher has open but I’m hoping she has some

  2. Eek!! Okay, the whole name thing before diving into the WIPpet had my head spinning. ;) Once in though, it really didn’t matter. The sentence structure in the last paragraph made me re-read it several times. So…she hit the edge of the driveway, then was driving on the sidewalk?

    1. No just the driveway. They left her in front of the gate but Molly didn’t see because of the gate. I’ll fix it in edits. =P thanks!

      1. Oh. Um…okay. Yeah, it’s a bit confusing, but maybe part of that is the whole out-of-context thing.

    1. Or the moment she gets out of the car and realizes who it is. It’ll be fun to write her guilt and hoe Faye used it to manipulate her

      1. I assumed from the context that she realized it as soon as she hit her, since you wrote “Caroline” and not “the person.” Yeah, I can imagine she’ll have some massive guilt over that.

  3. Yikes! What an ending place! Not exactly sure what’s going on at this point in your wip, but that’s probably because I’ve been so intermittent in participating in WIPpetting. Lots of action and tension and that’s most excellent!

    1. I just started working on this one again so I think I’ve only been posting from it for 3 weeks or so. You haven’t missed much lol

  4. Talk about leaving it on a cliffhanger! I really wanna know what happens next. Does Caroline/Faye survive? I have a feeling she does – but how? Excellent piece! :)

  5. Wow. Now we have to know what happens next. I thought she realized when it was because you used Caroline, but I see from the comments that she doesn’t, so yeah, that needs to be tweaked. I didn’t find the sentence structure confusing, but I get how you write, so that’s likely some of it.

  6. The naming situation confused me a little at first, but once I was actually reading the excerpt I was fine. Lots of action!

    You’ve definitely hit the ground running for round 4. Congrats!

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