WIPpet Wednesday! August 20, 2013

Well, here we go. I’m back! Yay! School has started, work has started, I’m moving in 9 days, life is about to stay insane for awhile. But! the writing is good, as it always is. I have been awarded the wonderful position of Municipal Liaison for NaNoWriMo in the DFW region. I’m so excited to see what November has to bring. While I was gone for two amazing weeks, I got the proofs for the book cover for Dying Embers, which should coming out in December. w00t!

I also got to play with my new godsons, which is even better!!

Anyway, enough rambling, without further ado, 14 sentences from chapter 7 (20-8=12+2=14) of the newest thing with no name. To join in WIPpet Wednesday, just post some of your WIP (Work In Progress) and have it in some way correlate with the date. Feel free to get crazy with the math. Once you do that, go here and link it up and check out everyone else’s!

So Molly was a witch. Not something she completely expected, but it fit everything that Emma knew about the woman. Starting with why there were never any photos of her.

Witches lived for nearly ever, their aging process slowed down until it would take close to three hundred years before one wrinkle would appear on her pretty face. Emma had no idea how old Molly was, but if she had to guess, she’d say at least over a hundred and probably closer to two hundred.

Emma heard heels on the floor coming down the hall and she started to panic. She needed her purse. Flipping onto her other side, she looked at the night stand and sighed when she saw her purse sitting on top of it. Emma reached out and slid her hand inside, grabbing the tiny eight ounce water bottle. Twisting the already broken seal, she took the cap off and downed the contents of the bottle.

It was her last one. Putting the bottle back into her purse, she laid on her back and stared at the door just as Molly came through. Emma’s heart pounded in her chest and she tried to hide the flush in her cheeks. Molly instantly came over to her, concern written all over her features.

WIPpet Wednesday!! July 10, 2013

Good morning and welcome to WIPpet Wednesday. Today on the show, you will find an excerpt from chapter nine of Ashes Fall, written and created and imagined by one Adrian J. Smith. She uses quick wit to break up tense scenes, but not in this excerpt. This particular scene is filled with angst, horror, and deep pain. Here is the excerpt for today:

James’ jaw dropped. She started to race toward Lily, stopping when the explosion rocked through the street and startled her. Spinning on her heel, James looked wildly around and tried to figure out exactly where it had come from. She went back to Lily, her eyes still hot with fire and her body radiating heat.

“What did you do?” she demanded.

“What needed to be done.” Lily shrugged and went back inside.

James’ heart doubled its speed in her chest as she ran down the block in the direction that Darcy had gone. She made it to the end of the block and saw the car. People had started to surround it, already on their cell phones. James couldn’t think. She ran forward, her bare feet on the asphalt as she ran toward the car, the back of it starting to catch fire, but the front completely consumed with flames.

“Darcy!” she shouted, her breath catching in her throat as she saw the ‘coexist’ bumper sticker on the rear of the car. “Darcy!”

James got to the car, not feeling anything she stepped on. She ran close to the fire, stepping back when it burst at her, threatening to burn her skin. Any tears she shed evaporated from the heat. She screamed again and tried to get to the door, but the fire came toward her again.

Someone grabbed her arms and dragged her back. James fought them. She had to get to Darcy. She was the only one that could save her. She saw movement in the front seat, white eyes in a darkened face covered with burned and ashy skin, rustling around and moving as the scorched body tied desperately to get out. James doubled her efforts to get away from whoever held her, but they were too strong.

Lights cast a glow on her face but disappeared in the flames as the fire engine and paramedics arrived, one right after the other. The hose was hooked up and fire crews in full gear swarmed the car. Another engine arrived in time to help, using the tank in their truck to douse the fire.

Turning into the warm body, James buried her face in the chest and let sobs take over. Arms rubbed her back and rocked her from side to side. She couldn’t watch. Smoke burned her nostrils, the small hairs detesting the scent of fuel and flesh touched by flame.

Time elapsed and they pulled the body out, laying it on the stretcher. There was hardly anything left. James slowly twisted around to stare as they covered Darcy’s body with the sheet and stuffed her into the back of the ambulance. The fire crew started to come near her and she shuddered. She couldn’t deal with them right now.

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt today. Adrian would appreciate any and all comments and has committed to responding to them in a timely manner. She has also opened the floor, like any Wednesday, to all those who wish to join in and get noticed. All you have to do is post an excerpt of your current Work In Progress that corresponds with the date. Today, Adrian posted ten paragraphs as it is the tenth of July. She did not choose from chapter seven for the month, although she could have. Adrian would love to see and read your excerpts, so post them and link them up over on this website right here. She’ll wander around later today and tomorrow, reading them for pleasure.

So, please, join in and have fun.


WIPpet Wednesday: June 12, 2013

It’s Wednesday! That means it’s time for WIPpet Wednesday! That means it’s time to read!!!

If you want to join in, write a post, click the link, add your post! Your post must correlate in some way to the date, so keep that in mind!

I have finished my ghost story that I used a few weeks ago for the WIPpet day. Here’s the link to the beginning of the story. I’m not adding some more to it! This is the last update on the ghost story I’ve title FLASH OF DEATH. This picks up close to where it left off…Shea has taken her someplace where they can touch (yes, dirty minds you are free to roam). 12 sentences, and yes, they were just kissing.


They broke apart after time stopped, and CL looked around, taking in her surroundings. She wasn’t in her house anymore. Shea stood before her in a gray, fuzzy and muted area. There were no walls that she could see, no floor and no ceiling as she stepped away from him to increase her awareness. The gray was close enough that she thought she could reach out and touch it, but as soon as she reached her hand forward, all she felt was air.

Thunder roared around the room, but it sounded off, like someone had stuffed earplugs in her ears and then put sound-canceling headphones on. She spun back around to Shea when she realized that the thunder didn’t echo. Light filled the room for a momentary blast before receding back into the grayness. “Where are we?”

“In the in between,” he answered, not moving from where he was rooted. More lightning came and went; thunder resounded before disappearing into the ether. “This is where we collide.”


On other news, I finished my final edit of DYING EMBERS and have sent it to the publisher. Just waiting to hear back from her, and then I have to task of picking a book cover! So yay! Now I’m off to take pictures of sunflowers!!