There’s Something Peculiar About #Trauma

I’m currently writing a novel that has a lot of trauma for one of my main characters happening within it, not only that, but it is very clear she has experienced similar trauma before. There’s something peculiar about trauma for sure. Trauma changes us. It changes the way we think and the way we behave.

I had this novel planned before my long absence from writing. I outlined it in 2016. In fact, it’s based off a fanfiction I wrote in early 2012 and throughout the rest of that year. So this piece of work has been on my mind and heart for a long time.

I put my character through the ringer, during this book, in other words.

I can’t help but notice the similarities in my own life now. None of this was the case when I first wrote it or plotted it out now, but as I rewrite and make it more my own, the similarities are stark. Mostly the emotion.

There is an intense amount of grief and mourning that comes with trauma. Sure, there’s the pain and the outrage at what happened. The shock. But the grief comes later. It comes when all of that has calmed down, and there this loss. Loss of stability, loss of innocence, loss of safety that can’t be compared with.

In 2018, I nearly died. Like…they had to shock me to get me back and gave me 11 units of blood total after I had my daughter. That changes a person. It morphs the way I think and feel and look at the world. I look at it from a whole different place.

With Faye, this character I put through the ringer, I’m really resonating with that in her. It’s the first time I’ve written her that it’s been easy to write her. She’s by far the hardest character for me. She’s crazy, she has very little restraint in what she says and does, she isn’t quite sure on ethics and morals, and she came into this world unwanted and completely alone. None of which I can readily relate to.

But this I can. This is something I think a lot of us can relate to. Not only the changes within ourselves but the changes in our relationships. Faye and Molly were in a pretty decent spot when we left them in Unbound but this just throws them for a whole new loop, and it comes into question whether or not they will recover from it. They’re trying. Both of them. But they just seem to be missing the mark a lot of the time.

I really can’t wait for you all to read this story and to actually know what I’m talking about. I don’t want to spoil a bunch of it for you! Faye’s past trauma comes to bite her in the ass just as much as the new trauma, and Molly’s failures and fears as well. It’s a non-stop cycle of oh my god, what now, and we need to do something about this.

Really, can’t wait!

Natasha House and The Jade Series

Welcome to the author spotlight of Natasha House!! She writes in all types of genres, but today we’ll be focusing on her fantasy series.

Author Bio

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When Natasha House wakes up in the morning she’s got one thing on her brain: writing. “How do normal people think? I mean wouldn’t it be boring not having a book in your brain to entertain you?” Natasha works a “normal” job along with pursuing writing. “I randomly grab a scrap piece of paper and furiously scribble. People probably think I’m nuts when I’m talking to myself, but I’m just talking to the characters in my head.” Natasha is happily married.

She enjoys singing. “I’ve written over 30 songs including one called: It’s coffee time. What can I say I love coffee.” Natasha loves writing different genres including: sci-fi, romance, fantasy, middle grade, and paranormal. “If you read my book Superhero princess you might have a laugh-attack, while my other books are more serious toned. I really love my screwball characters. They entertain me the most.” Natasha House’s dream is to one day write full time. She loves making people laugh, sit on the edge of their seat, and dive into a world they might not want to come out of.


The Jade Series, Books 1-3 is the first half of the exciting epic fantasy novella series. This book includes: 

The Vullens’ Curse

There is a myth on Jade, of a creature that can boil your blood. 

King Lowen’s wife, Gal’adryl, has fallen under the spell of a disease with no cure. He will stop at nothing to restore her, even if that means capturing the deadly creature, the Vullen. 

Travel into the world of Jade where Deities roam, Seers hide, and blood thirsty creatures lurk in the darkness.

The Deities Touch

No one sees them. Except him. Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]

Rhyme Sulstic talks to Deities. Forced to leave his sister in an abusive home, fifteen-year-old Rhyme finds himself in Glimma village with nothing more than a staff.

Zare warriors are a dying breed. Rhyme longs to learn the forgotten art more than anything. How can he break through the people of Glimma and learn to wield the weapon he was given?


In a world where Deities walk unseen, Vullens are lore, and Wolfinics do not exist, Rhyme Sulstic, a boy who sees Deities, is struggling to overcome the haunting of these invisible souls. Untrained in the ways of the light, he seeks counsel through a mysterious Deity, named Venna, whose erratic behavior sets him on edge. The simple staff made out of Glossmer wood holds a powerful secret that even the Deities of the Dredge Forest are afraid of. What secrets will unfold as Rhyme deepens his quest?

Author Note: This is the first half of an epic fantasy novella series I am writing put into one book. I hope my fans enjoy these novellas as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. There is still more to come! So keep watching for them! Find me on Facebook for updates about Book 4: Cloaked.



 1. Dog or Cat? Dog
2. Favorite color? Green
3. Favorite junk food? Dark Chocolate
4. Favorite musician? Kim Walker
5. Favorite curse word? Haha…um none
6. Favorite quote? The brave don’t live forever, but the cautious never live at all.
7. Rolaids or Tums? Tums
8. Short or Tall? Short
9. Favorite body part? Eyes
10. Favorite holiday? Christmas

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