#authorcorner Interview with Jon De’Lisle

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Jon De'Lisle this week and to learn all about him and his work!   Tell us about yourself. My name is Jon De‚ÄôLisle, and I live in New Mexico. The Dantone Project is my first published (self-published actually) novel. I guess that first, I would say I have … Continue reading #authorcorner Interview with Jon De’Lisle

Grammar Wednesday: Word Mixups – Passed v Past

Here's two that get mixed up often...I even get confused on it. Passed is an action, used primarily with people passing by something or another person. Past is used with time. She passed by him in the past. (if you want to get in your wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey mindset) EXAMPLES Soldier, the white dog, passed by … Continue reading Grammar Wednesday: Word Mixups – Passed v Past