Glorious Day by Skye Kilaen #amreading #review #lesfic #scifi @skyekilaen

I read this novella earlier this month, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. There are quite a few twists and turns in it. It’s got the perfect amount of plot for a novella. Check it out and my review.


The bodyguard is a traitor. The princess is her one true love. And the revolution is almost here.

Elsenna Hazen left spaceport security and ended up a royal bodyguard. She should have known better than to fall in love with a princess.

It’s been two years since one ill-advised kiss in the garden pulled them apart. With uprisings in the streets, the nervous princess transfers Elsenna back into her service. Her Highness has no idea Elsenna is leaking data to the revolutionaries bent on overthrowing the princess’s oppressive father.

Now Elsenna wakes up each day wondering what will happen first: her own execution, or that of the woman she could never stop loving. When rebel attacks escalate and the king plans retaliation, Elsenna discovers that the fights for her love and her life are one and the same.

This was a great quick read. I’m a slow reader, and I think I read it in about four hours start to finish. I enjoyed the simplistic plot, by that I mean the plot itself wasn’t simplistic, there was just really only one plot line, which is perfect for a novella of this length. The main character, Elsenna, was well-rounded and I loved having her insight. I definitely missing insight into the princess, but that was okay. She was intriguing character, and I could see why Elsenna was interested in her from beginning to end.

But this isn’t really a romance book. It’s a story about taking back our control of the government, kind of fitting to read this week actually since I am based in the US.

I would have given this 5 stars except it took awhile for the story to get really moving, and the first couple chapters were difficult for me to be interested in what was going on. The writing in the beginning seemed stiff/aloof, but it quickly morphed once the turning point in the story started and flowed much more easily.

Want to check it out?

Find it here…

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WIPpet Wednesday…. a WIP that’s….not really a WIP =P

I might be breaking the rules a bit, but I don’t want to give you the tentacle erotica at all. So … I’m going to give you a bit more from the sci-fi short I gave you last week. I just submitted it on Sunday, so here’s to hoping I hear back soon. *crosses fingers*

So here you go! My WIPpet that’s not really truly a WIPpet anymore.

For the second of July, you get two lines from page 14. So…. here you go

“Where are we going?” Laila asked and glanced at the cave entrance.

“To fight a war.”

If you would like to join in WIPpet Wednesdays, all you have to do is post an excerpt of your work in progress (unlike me) on your blog and link it up here. Make sure your post correlates with the date somehow! Then check out all the other posts.

A brand new WIPpet for a …. month that’s just ending?

I’ve actually be doing some writing lately! It’s been so nice to be writing and NOT editing. w00t! However, I’m still not writing on what I should be writing, which is Fallen from Grace. I’ll take that on as soon as I finish either this current short or…maybe two more. Ashes Fall is officially with the publisher, and I’m hoping I’m not sent another round of edits.

I’ve also stepped out of my comfort zone with a short story I co-wrote last week and started editing this week. It’s tentacle erotica. And my fiance informs me that this is actually a thing, it’s called Hentai, and I’m finding through talking about it that A LOT of people actually read/watch Hentai. Go figure! It’s a short story to be submitted and hopefully accepts into an anthology.

The second short story currently in process is a scifi lesbian piece that’s supposed to be non-erotica, but oh my gosh, all the opportunities are there to make it erotic! I’m resisting though. This one is also to be submitted to an anthology, but this submission is due July 5! Eek! I’ll need some beta readers for it, so if anyone is interested, please let me know!

The WIPpet today is from this scifi lesbian short story. My math is very simple, 6 paragraphs for the month of June. You’ll get the first six paragraphs in the either piece. It’s also completely unedited, so I apologize. The main character’s name is subject to change, but the current name is helping me envision her.

Her bare feet pounded against the packed, dry dirt as she raced through the woods. Trees snagged in her hair, pulling out the dark, brown strands as she dared not stop to untangle it. Laila breathed heavily, fogging up the goggles situated over her eyes. Reaching up, she wiped it off to see better and cleared her vision just in time to see the tree branch swinging in her direction.

Laila ducked down, the branch brushing against the top of her head and getting caught in her nappy hair. She gasped as she pushed up from the dirt and stumbled as she pushed forward. Her heart ratcheted in her throat as she continued forward, not daring to look back.

She pressed her palm to the tree when the ground beneath her tilted. Her head spun and her body lost its balance, knocking her over onto her butt. Pulling herself up to lean against the base of the tree, Laila gasped for breath as she pressed a hand to her ribcage. Pain swelled in her chest as she desperately begged for air to enter her lungs.

Loud bangs echoed through the woods, crashes as what was chasing her edged closer. Laila scrunched her nose and forced her sore and aching body to move. She stood up and leaned against the tree base, pushing onward. Risking a glance back, Laila’s goggles confirmed what she could not see by naked eye.

Green lines formed the enemy, following its line of movement as it continued in her direction. Red flashed in the corner to let her know the proximity was too close. Had she had time, Laila would have uttered a snarky comment. Instead, she stepped over a wayward tree root, her heel hitting the back of it and scraping the skin off. She winced and cried out but kept moving even as the blood trickled onto the ground.

She would have to make it stop bleeding if she really wanted to get away—it was just another trail for the monstrosity to follow. Laila looked forward, her goggles creating a path for her to take so she could get away more quickly. With her hand still at her side, Laila pushed onward through the tall trees.

Now that I’ve rambled on enough and given you an excerpt! Please join in! If you would like to join in WIPpet Wednesdays, it’s simple and open to all. Just post an excerpt from your current WIP (Work In Progress) and have it in some way correlate with the date or be the start of a new piece. Then link it up here, go and read the other posts, comment and voila! Fin!

Merci a K. L Schwengel!

I’m well aware my French sucks. =P

Across Worlds: Collision by S.A. Snow COVER REVEAL

Title: Across Worlds: Collision
Author: S. A. Snow
Genre: mixed gender sci-fi erotica adventure


Jane expected six months undercover to be hard; she expected it to be lonely and bleak. She didn’t expect to find love.

Jane Butler, a CIA operative, is assigned the task of infiltrating the Xanthians and determining if they’re a threat to humanity. Going undercover as a Xanthian mate, she boards the transport ship and meets Usnavi—her new mate. After spending six days traveling through space, Jane is ecstatic to explore the Xanthian station and soon sets out to complete her mission. The only problem? Usnavi—and the feelings she is quickly developing.

Fumbling their way through varying sexual expectations, cooking catastrophes, and cultural differences, they soon discover life together is never boring. As Jane and Usnavi careen into a relationship neither of them expected, Jane uncovers dark secrets about the Xanthians and realizes she may no longer be safe. When it becomes clear she’s on her own, Jane is forced to trust and rely on Usnavi. Simultaneously struggling with her mission, her feelings for Usnavi, and homesickness, Jane faces questions she never imagined she would have to answer.

After chasing around puppies and corralling kittens, S.A. Snow flips open her BSG replicated console and enters her mysterious world of imagination. Seeking to escape the rigors of her day jobs, she enters flight mode and powers her engines full-speed ahead.

A prolific writer of non-traditional erotica, S.A. Snow grew up on a small alpaca farm high in the Andes Mountains. A lover of yoga and meditation, she spends her free time constructing alien space stations, organizing werewolf governments, and cataloging all episodes of Star Trek in order of technical soundness. A firm believer that one need not choose between Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas, she also has closely examines all Star Wars movies in order to determine which episode is more factually based.

S.A. Snow writes truth and only truth, factoring in all evidences she can find. She writes only about parallel universes she has personally visited, and believes if something about her books isn’t shocking, she’s not effectively telling the story.



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Emotion GUEST POST by Meryl Scarlett Fortney #authorcorner


That’s what books are usually about, right? They’re meant to evoke emotion or deep thought. Something that may change the way that you think or spark a new idea that, on a small or large scale, changes the world.

But it all boils down to emotion in the end—Something that I’m not even that familiar with, if you didn’t already know.

And yet I’ve got two books published and two more on the way, one of which is the continuation to the #thepaxseries and the other the beginning of a whole new storyline!

I started writing my first series back in 2005 with a prologue that didn’t really make a whole lot of sense, but then it evolved, it evolved from life experiences that brought me and molded me into who I am now.

What I’m trying to do, though, is transform the series into something that is more inclusive of TBLG folks. Like, I’m sure there are plenty of authors out there who have done such, but maybe not on the scale that I’m working with.

My third novel and sequel to “Escape Velocity” is very science fiction and is more like a space opera than anything I’ve ever written. So, of course, there’s a spaceship and a crew—A crew that will be made up mostly of women and a few who are either lesbian, bisexual or even transgender.

The main character himself, Dante Marcellus, will be undergoing a sort of metamorphosis that I know will throw my readers for a loop. The specifics of that, though, will have to be discovered upon reading the book itself… Whenever I decide to give up procrastination and finish the third installment in #thepaxseries.

I imagine that, upon reaching the end of this story, for some of my readers, this will be a very emotional sort of deal, considering it’s the end of half of the series and the storyline of Dante Marcellus.

author photo

MERYL SCARLETT FORTNEY is an American-born, Pennsylvanian independent author and freelance writer.

She was born in Pennsylvania’s capital and lived in many places growing up, ranging from a few handfuls of different areas in her birth state to New Jersey and Florida. To this day she has yet to spend more than three years in one spot.

As a teenager, her original plan was to become an officer of the law, but upon graduation and realization of the “real world” (whatever that is) it became apparent that this would have been what many considered a bad move.

In her earlier years, she was fond of drawing, sketching, doodling and illustration and had originally wanted to create a comic book called “PAX.”

real life

And then the harsh realization hit her, “I absolutely suck at illustration!” So her love for creation took a few years off, until she turned 21, when she wrote the prologue for a story that would never exist, but would eventually bring to fruition the first book in her first series, “PaxCorpus.”


From that point on it’s been nothing more than menial jobs and constant determination to bring these universes to life and it all started with a character named Jack and a bottle of… Jack.


Pax CorpusSome believe extraterrestrials will end life as we know it. Others believe the risen dead will ravage the population and dominate the Earth. And then there are the others that think terrorists will wipe us out.

I say, “why not all three?”

The year is 2020, nearly six years after much of the planet’s population has been wiped out. Through the eyes of a man named Dante Marcellus, you experience the reclamation of memories lost due to unknown reasons.

With the undead and a slew of monstrous aliens (spawned from a rift in Manhattan) walking the desolate planes of the United States of America, the remaining population fights to survive under the protection of a group named PaxCorpus.

But to make things even crazier, the homicidal terrorist movement, ZeroFactor, threatens to murder anyone not affiliated with themselves – a new world order, they say – extinction.

Fighting tooth and nail to get a grasp on the events of his past, Dante unknowingly causes a chain of events that lead to an almost mirror of the events that caused humanities’ situation to begin with.

And with a vulgar, blood-stained kick to the face, everything unwinds right before him, with the barrel of his own weapon aimed between his eyes.

This isn’t about glampires or raging teenage hormones – this is PaxCorpus – the beginning of the end.

You can download PaxCorpus for free at:

Kindle, Smashwords, Google Play, iBooks



Picking up where PaxCorpus left us, Escape Velocity shoves you face-first into the abyss, grabs hold and never lets go.Escape Velocity

Follow Dante, Meryl and a ragtag squad of survivalists, who call themselves, Belligerent Underpaid Tactical Team, from the depths of the devastated state of New Jersey to the bowels of post-apocalyptic Manhattan.

With less than a day’s worth of supplies and their underground shelter lying in ruins, thanks to the terrorist cell, ZeroFactor, there is only one course-of-action–fight tooth and nail, bullet-by-bullet, to the enemy stronghold and Rift of Manhattan–or die trying.

The insanity doesn’t stop there.

Cybernetically modified, former Harrisburg, Pennsylvanian cop, Dante Marcellus, has a new problem. An implant inside of his head, where a bullet had once been, acts as a telepathic network between him and the thought-to-be-dead, Nuhm De’Ara.

Leaving a trail of bodies all the way to New York City, survival is less-than-certain, as their enemy clamps down with violent determination.

And when there isn’t even a glimmer of hope left for who remains, a man once known as Jack Marcellus returns–with vengeance and anger fueled hatred for the only person who could possibly save him from himself.

This time, there will only be one man left standing.

There are things much worse than the bite of a deader and the undead plague.

You can buy Escape Velocity at:

Kindle, Smashwords, Google Play, iBooks


Find Meryl Scarlett Fortney on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter!

“Across Worlds: Collision” Preview

Currently in the process of editing this little bit of awesomeness. I wanted to share with you the first three chapters. Just click the link, check it out, and tell us what you think!! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say. Here’s an excerpt.


The transport ship was due to come into orbit the next morning. Twenty-four hours and Jane’s life would never be the same, and there was no one she could tell: not her sister nor her mother. She had to play her part and go with the Xanthains to start her “new” life. The fate of her planet would depend on her doing her job well.

Jane slowed and stopped, her heart pounding in her chest. She lifted her water bottle to her lips and drank deeply, droplets running down the line of her throat. Her body was slick with sweat, and it pooled between her breasts and at the small of her back.

The sun was coming up, and she placed her hands on her hips, leaning back, both to stretch her back muscles and to marvel at the colors piercing the sky. She glanced at her watch. Six-forty-two. Time to head home and get ready for work. There was no telling when she would get to watch the sun rise again—probably never.

Jane’s eyes widened and she gasped when the ground began to shake. She grabbed a tree for stability and looked around wildly. Earthquakes weren’t supposed to happen in Washington, D.C.! The wind picked up, smacking leaves her in the face and swirling dust around her just as a roar filled the air. The sound of engines was deafening.

She craned her neck to look through the branches of the tree she held onto, and her hand went to her mouth as she took several steps away from her safety net. Her head fell back, and she stared in awe. It was the most amazing thing she’d ever seen.

Chrome and metal melded together to make a hull that was almost matte and looked like liquid all at once. It was dotted with windows, and she could barely make out the lines of the doors. The engines were bigger than the largest plane she had ever seen.

With one shudder, the roar died down and the engines stopped spinning. Three holes in the bottom of the ship opened up and great metal poles descended. Jane couldn’t help her curiosity as she stepped closer. One metal pole crashed into the ground a hundred yards from where she stood. It broke soil, and claw-like structures folded down, creating an anchor, presumably to keep the ship in place.

She approached it carefully. A small crowd gathered as other people made their way over to see what was happening. Jane wound her way through the people and reached out slowly, her hand making contact with the pole. She jumped back before relaxing. It was cool and smooth to the touch.

Her phone rang, and she jumped again, the sound surprising her. She glanced at the number and jogged away from the crowd to answer.


“Jane, it’s Director Gonzalez. They’ve arrived a day early.”


For the full three chapters. CLICK HERE. Please oh please, tell us what you think. Either here or there, we’re desperate to know!

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