Religion in lesfic #brokentaboos #amwriting #shortstory

I write lesfic, and I write religion, and the two do not often mix. There are some places that this works, but most likely, whatever I write with a women loving women bent and religion is not going to take off. I know this, but still I write it. Why? Because lesbians are Christians and … Continue reading Religion in lesfic #brokentaboos #amwriting #shortstory

Broken Taboos: Religion #taboo #brokentaboo #religioninwriting

To continue the saga of what taboos I write, I've chosen religion as my next component. I don't know how many of you have read my series, but if you have, then you know religion is an element in them. We're always told growing up not to talk religion and politics. Well, I didn't talk, … Continue reading Broken Taboos: Religion #taboo #brokentaboo #religioninwriting

#authorcorner Review of Devil’s Dilemma by Sirena Robinson

Today I’m glad to bring Sirena Robinson’s debut novel, Devil’s Dilemma, to your attention. Devil’s Dilemma is the first in a series of novels that Sirena has written which flow off the apocalypse story, bringing it about in a new and fantastical way. This post is part of her blog tour she put together, you … Continue reading #authorcorner Review of Devil’s Dilemma by Sirena Robinson