Interview with Aaron Speca & Cover Reveal for “Dying Embers”

Hey y'all (I can say that since I live in Texas). I was interviewed by Aaron Speca, an amazing, amazing person. The interview went live today. I have to say, this is was the funnest interview I have done so far. He did a great job on it. ALSO!!!!! On a more exciting note, there's … Continue reading Interview with Aaron Speca & Cover Reveal for “Dying Embers”

Grammar Wednesday: COMMA SPLICE–coordinating conjunction

Our new grammatical issue to look at, for the next five weeks or so, is the comma splice. Are you ready? This one has been the bane of my existence since my early college years. My prof would go through and take red marker to ALL my comma splices, and let me tell you, that … Continue reading Grammar Wednesday: COMMA SPLICE–coordinating conjunction

Grammar Wednesday: COMMA–participle phrase

Participle phrases can be a bit tricky. Basically, if you have a sentence with an "ing" word in it, you need to pay attention to what's going on! A participle is a verb that acts and pretends to be an adjective. It modifies the noun. So, now that I've probably confused you with the lingo, … Continue reading Grammar Wednesday: COMMA–participle phrase

Grammar Wednesday: COMMA–compound sentence

A compound sentence is made of two independent clauses. That means, in the basics, each part of the sentence can stand alone as a sentence itself.  My FAVORITE example for this is from Katy Perry. "I kissed a girl, and I liked it." "I kissed a girl." and "I liked it." can both stand alone … Continue reading Grammar Wednesday: COMMA–compound sentence