De-Termination (Quarter Life Book 2) has launched! #booklaunch #newrelease #vampire

On December 1, my first book in 4.5 years launched! De-Termination (Quarter Life Book 2) has entered into the world as we know it.

This book was originally supposed to launch in October 2016, and I apologize sincerely for its delay, but I’m in a  much better place now to launch it than I was then.

Book 3, Release, is WRITTEN! And has a publication date in 2021. So do not fear, you will not have to wait another 4.5 years for that one. I’m slated to begin work on Book 4 this December.

Here’s what you need to know about De-Termination.

Faye’s been Molly’s lover and agent for her creature-hunting friends for a year, but she’s still unsettled and unwilling to fully explore her Tainted Side. She is sent on a mission and disappears in South America.

Molly, a powerful witch, searches for Faye ruthlessly, leading to conflict with her team. Meanwhile, she’s brought Amelia in to help, and Amelia has her sights on seducing Molly as things fall apart.

There may no longer be such a thing as home sweet home.

Trigger warning: Rape, torture

You can order it here.

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Unbound (Quarter Life #1) is currently on sale! The eBook only is $2.99 right now, so make sure you get it to keep up with the Quarter Life series.

Manipulating a powerful witch isn’t as easy as Faye hoped.

She infiltrates Molly the witch’s mysterious house under the guise of needing help. And the guise of being harmless. Totally not a vampire at all. Unfortunately, Molly’s secrets are difficult to discover. She’s almost as good at hiding things as Faye herself.

Molly’s staff are as weird as they are distrustful, but Faye begins to win Molly over. Then A mob boss discovers what Faye’s after. Faye finds herself putting her life in Molly’s hands.

Will secrets doom their relationship, or will they form a powerful team?

You can order it here!

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ALSO!!! I’ll reveal the blurb for Release (Quarter Life #3) here right now! Check this out.

The enemy isn’t always who we expect.

The wicked witch reigns supreme. As Molly gets closer to Dark Face in an attempt to locate Faye and draw her home, she makes reckless decisions, which are oftentimes dangerous.

With a frantic phone call, Faye leaves her respite and goes on a mission to save Molly. She flies across the world to find Molly’s trainer, a witch named Malek, who has more answers than Faye knew she had questions.

They never hesitate to go to the ends of the earth to save each other, but this time, it leads Faye directly into Dark Face’s hands.

Light and Sweet by Felicia Starr #authorcorner

Light And Sweet Tour Banner

The sisters of the Sacred Hearts Coven are at it again…

This time sister Maiden Esmeralda asks her sisters to help her cast a spell to help friend and café patron Lilly fill her heart with something that lasts more than one date.

Lilly has spent the better part of a year going on one blind date after another. Esmeralda think she knows the perfect guy for her. The only problem is that she doesn’t want to set them up on another blind date. If only she could get them to meet in the coffee shop they both frequent on a daily basis.

When things don’t quite go right with Esmeralda’s spell, she doesn’t know what to do. Will some enchanted salted caramel syrup be enough to heat up Lilly’s love life, or will it lose steam? Her heart’s desires might only be a cup of coffee away.

lightandsweet ebook.jpg



Light and Sweet
Sacred Hearts Coven #2

Paranormal Romance
(Extra Steamy!!)

Publication Date:
June 10, 2014


Vamptasy Publishing
Previous Books in the Sacred Hearts Coven Series

Dark And Stormy
Sacred Hearts Coven #1

Paranormal Romance
(Extra Steamy!!)

136 Pages




To celebrate the release of Light and Sweet, author Felicia Starr is giving away a magnet set for each of her books and an ebook copy of Dark and Stormy (Sacred Hearts Coven #1)!


About Felicia Starr
Felicia Starr Author PictureAuthor Felicia Starr lives five miles from her favorite Jersey Shore destination with her amazingly supportive family. She loves to spend time creating special memories with her husband and two young boys.

Everyone expected her first publication to be a cookbook, but her love for writing has surpassed her love for cooking.

Felicia graduated magna cum laude from Kean University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a post baccalaureate in elementary education. She is a licensed real estate sales person, a certified yoga instructor, and most importantly, a stay-at-home mom.





Connect with Felicia Starr
Facebook | Twitter | Website


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#authorcorner Interview with Erik Schubach

I’m so excited to have Erik on my blog today! He’s a fantastical unicorn. =P

Tell us about yourself.

Not a lot to say. Born in England, raised in the USA. I’m pretty convinced I’m either an alien or a unicorn. Given the choice, always be a unicorn!

My primary language is sarcasm, which I speak fluently. English is my secondary, which I still don’t have a full grasp on as my grammar in my books can attest to.

I love reading, and writing, and working with wood.

There most likely isn’t a person out there as geek-centric as I am. I can quote just about every SciFi/Fantasy/Paranormal show I have ever 10155221_865803850103228_9160434149441726022_aseen. No power in the ‘verse can stop me.

Given the choice between a Delorian and a Police Call Box, I will always choose the Call Box.

What is one thing not in your bio, something totally random that only a few people know?

I have a huge vintage technology collection that I hope to use to start a vintage gaming and computing museum. I have dozens of game consoles like the Atari 2600 and the Vectrex, home computers like the Commodore 64, and dozens of handheld and tabletop electronic games like the Coleco Pacman game.

What made you decide to write? If it even was a decision. And what kept you at it?

It was a complete accident. I have always said that one day I would like to write a book but I never actually sat down to do it. I have always liked strong female characters in books like Honor Harrington, or Killishandra Ree. My nieces are openly gay and so I have been very very cognizant of the severe lack of LGBT characters in mainstream media unless they are the stereotypical quirky gay friend that a main character always seems to have.

So one day I thought of a cool storyline that combined strong female leads with an LGBT storyline. I sat down on a Saturday morning to write an outline for the story so that I wouldn’t forget it. By the time I was done laying it out on Sunday night I had a completed the 75k word manuscript. I believe my exact words when I realized I had just written a novel was… “Huh.”

I researched self publishing and though I find it way as pie now, I had to battle my way through formatting the document correctly for submission, assigning an ISBN, licensing a photo for the cover and getting my book listed on all the major retail sites.

I was seriously expecting to sell a total of 5-10 books to friends and family who would feel obligated to buy it and never read it. Imagine my surprise when dozens sold, then hundreds then thousands. I would have considered it a success if just a single stranger bought my book to read it.

That first book, Music of the Soul, is now part of a nine book (and growing) series.

The rest as they say, is history. (Who is this “they” anyway?)

Who has been your biggest inspiration and support in writing and in publishing? Doesn’t have to be an author or anything, and yes, it can be your mom or dad.

I’d like to thank the Academy for… oh wait… wrong speech. My Wife v1.0 of course (that is always the right answer). But seriously, yes, my wife. She is an aspiring author as well. She put up with me when I started writing. She puts up with my bad grammar, punctuation, typos and spelling. She put up with me after the books started selling well. And she put up with me when I quit my full time job at the beginning of the year to become a full time author.

Why is it that you are an independent author? What prompted the decision to publish with a small press publisher, and how has that experience been?

I am an independent publisher because I have heard all of the horror stories about the big publishers and how an author’s cut is tiny. Being an Indy, I get from 60-70% royalties from day one and have 100% rights to my books. I want to put out eBooks, no problem. I want to put out paperbacks, no problem. I want to put out audio books, no problem. Since I own the rights I have the flexibility.

I figured my manuscript wasn’t a genre the big publishers would be interested in anyway, F/F lesbian romance, since I have not seen much from them in the genre except token books. They have shown that they are close minded and try not to stray off the path of what they perceive as accepted.

I am so relieved that I went the self publishing route now. I have seen returns beyond my wildest speculation.

Tell us a bit about Drakon: Awakening, without spoilers of course.

Drakon is a new paranormal/mythical action romance series I just started. Drakon is Greek for dragon. The main character, Myra, is a researcher who is studying myths, legends, and folklore, to see how they have influenced the modern world. One day she discovers that she is actually one of the legends she is researching.

Then all hell breaks lose. Myra and the woman assigned to protect her, Special Agent Quinn Trask, have to fight for their lives and the lives of the people of Denver against a madman bent on obtaining immortality. A different kind of relationship spawns between the two women as Myra learns to awaken the magic within.

Only the dragons can stand against the evil that threatens us all.

If you could meet one character in real life from Drakon: Awakening—would it be and why?

That’s an easy one. Myra. She is an intelligent red headed Irish woman with a quick temper and sharp wit. It is easy to see what Quinn sees in her.

What do you do when you get stuck in your writing? What happens when that nasty writer’s block sets down and refuses to budge—if you believe in writer’s block that is?

Well, please don’t kill the messenger, but I have never experienced writers block yet. So far the closest I cam was with my last book in the Music of the Soul series, Progeny. It was the first book that I have written that had a predetermined beginning and end with no wiggle room. So it took me a tad longer to write.

Most of my books I juat start writing and the story flows out of me and it develops as I go along. Then when I am done telling the story, I am done.

I have always professed that I am a story teller, not an author.

Would you mind sharing some of your ups and some of your downs about writing and about publishing? Any advice to new and upcoming authors?

So far I have been blessed with good experiences. The only pitfalls come from mucking my way through the mire of self publishing for the first time. Once I navigated that, I feel comfortable and confident in the process.

My two biggest pieces of advice are… One, Don’t just publish the book and expect people to buy it. You have to let them know it is there. Social networks are the easiest way to accomplish this. Make yourself seen on FaceBook, Twitter and the like. Build a blog. Socialize with potential readers on the various forums online. Befriend your readers! Respond to their emails and posts. Respond to Amazon reviews.

Two, don’t limit yourself to one venue or format. Don’t just publish your eBook on Amazon. Hit all the major retailers like Barnes and Nobel, Kobo, Smashwords and the like. Try to find niche specific sites like to list your books on. Even if each site you list on only brings you a couple hundred dollars each… combined they bring in thousands. And by all means, use resources like CreateSpace to make printed copies of your book and ACX (Audible) to make audio books. Once again, the more formats you have the more sales you will make.

Here’s a more serious question. What is it like to write in the LGBT realm of craziness that we all support? What’s it like to dip the toe into the rainbow through writing and publishing?

It has been a total and complete joy. It was rough at first, people saw a male writing lesbian romance and their minds automatically shoot to the gutter. But once people found that my books are not smut nor even erotica, only romance stories about two people in love, then my reputation grew and I have some of the best loyal readers and fans an author could ever hope to have. I concentrate on the emotion and the love in my books.

Why focus on the LGBT genre? What are the pluses and what are the minuses of doing so?

The main reason is that, as I stated before, my nieces are gay and I saw a disparity in the publishing world when it came to LGBT characters.

The pluses are many. Not only do I get to share stories with a wonderful group of people, but I also have made some genuine friends in the community. I have increased the pool of books available in the genre and hopefully have made a little bit of a difference getting the genre more recognized.

The minuses? There is the shadow of being a straight male that hangs over me and taints the legitimacy of my books in some people’s eyes.


1. Dog or Cat? Dog (Why is platypus not an option?)
2. Favorite color?
Orange… unless you ask me on a Thursday, then it’s “ORANGE! Hellz to the yeah!”
3. Favorite junk food?
Chocolate Eclaires (They is da heaven)
4. Favorite musician?
The Veronicas (Which becomes apparent in my books… I heart them)
5. Favorite curse word?
Kroth! (A made up cuss word I created in my Valkyrie Chronicles books, now I use it all the time)
6. Favorite quote?
“It’s only impossible until someone does it.” ~ Erik Schubach (Doh! Does that count if I said it?)
7. Rolaids or Tums?
8. Short or Tall?
9. Favorite body part?
10. Favorite holiday?



Author Bio

My writing style may not be the most professional nor grammatically correct, but I never profess to be an English major, just a person that wants to share a story. I maintain that my primary language is sarcasm.

Each of my books features strong likeable female characters that are flawed. I think that flaws and emotional or physical scars make us human and give us more character than simply conforming to some “social norm”.






Mandy Harris, the rock world’s bad girl, has lost her sense of self. Turning her back on the music she once loved, she returns to her hometown.

After a chance meeting with Anabella, a deaf girl with a unique appreciation for music and life, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to her. Finding love, pain, and a new sense of self. Their passion gives them the strength to heal both of their pasts, and start again.








Doctor Myra O’Connell is researching myths and folklore. In a strange twist she discovers that she is one of the legends she is researching.

Then all hell breaks loose. Myra and the woman assigned to be her protector, Special Agent Quinn Trask must fight for their lives, and those of the people of Denver and the world, against a madman bent on obtaining immortality.

Only the dragons can stand in his way.





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Crashing into the atmosphere!

Tomorrow marks the first day of my blog tour for Dying Embers. There will be interviews, excerpts posted and spotlights all over the internet! Well, at least a small portion of the internet. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this book to come out (in both senses of that term).

Dying Embers is the prequel to Forever Burn, which came out last March. It was written with a very specific purpose in mind. Let’s get to know Addison Lee far more than we did in Forever Burn. Addison turned out to be one of my favorite characters in this series, and I just couldn’t let her go after Forever Burn happened. She even makes an appearance in Ashes Fall, the third and final of this trilogy. delg

At the beginning of this novel, Addison is a bit lost. She’s making a move to a new city, new state, new job, and away from everything that she thought had been dragging her down. She thinks that as soon as she gets to Norwich everything is going to be better. She won’t be dealing with her old job and other people who have gifts like her, and most importantly, that she won’t be dealing with her nasty ex-fiance.

Well, leaving everything behind is far harder than Addison thought it would be. After moving, her old boss and sometimes-lover, keeps calling her to ask for help. Her new job is demanding, and not only that, but she made a massive mistake before she even started.

Throughout all of the chaos, she’s falling in love and trying to find herself at the same time. Addison is almost there when tragedy strikes, and she is forced to head home to Wyoming to help out. Nothing goes quite right for Addison throughout her first few months in Norwich, and she does her best just to keep afloat. definal3d-300x300

This story was something that was on my mind as soon as I finished Forever Burn. The characters were people I wanted to be my friends, people who were so alive that I couldn’t just cut off all ties with them and move on to my next group of friends. The process of creating was something I had latched onto and couldn’t let go.

I do want to talk a bit about this writing process (and the editing process). It seems to be one of the questions I see floating around the interwebs the most. Writing and editing for every author is a completely different process, and we all go about it in a different way. I tend to write very quickly. I have the story in my head and it’s just “Go! Go! Go!” until the story is done. Editing is where I spend most of my time.

For Dying Embers, I sent it through an amazing site called Project Team Beta. Two beta readers go through each chapter and give constructive feedback. When I’m ready and after a certain amount of chapters, I am allowed to choose permanent beta readers. I have one beta reader that I always use. Her name is Amy, and she’s awesome. Amy is meticulous in finding grammatical errors, something I am eternally appreciative of. (Amy is actually the first day on the blog tour.)

After I do my first round of edits after the beta readers get it, I do a second round. Then I print everything out and put it into a notebook. Once I finish all of my chapter edits, I take the notebook and a brightly colored pen and have at it. This time, though, I start from the back and I go through each sentence individually. At this point, I’m simply looking for typos, and you’d be surprised by how many I still find. (Sometimes I think I make more typos when I edit.)

Once all of this is done, I send it to my publisher. At that point (with this particular novel), we went through two more rounds of edits. It went through an editor and then back to me. Then back to the editor, then back to me. AND THEN we finally arrive at the final copy. I guarantee as soon as I get to see the final version in print, I will still find things that I want to change. I’m never completely happy, but I can’t keep it all to myself either.

Dying Embers was an exercise in my ability to write quickly. And I’m quite pleased with the final results. I hope you enjoy it too!

Blog Tour ScheduleFinalistSM-1

Nov 20: Amy
Nov 21: Autumn
Nov 23: Kirsten
Nov 25: Sarah
Nov 26: Samantha
Nov 28: Anna
Nov 29: Sirena

Dying Embers will be released on December 1, 2013. Right now, it is available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Kobo.

WIPpet Wednesday: June 12, 2013

It’s Wednesday! That means it’s time for WIPpet Wednesday! That means it’s time to read!!!

If you want to join in, write a post, click the link, add your post! Your post must correlate in some way to the date, so keep that in mind!

I have finished my ghost story that I used a few weeks ago for the WIPpet day. Here’s the link to the beginning of the story. I’m not adding some more to it! This is the last update on the ghost story I’ve title FLASH OF DEATH. This picks up close to where it left off…Shea has taken her someplace where they can touch (yes, dirty minds you are free to roam). 12 sentences, and yes, they were just kissing.


They broke apart after time stopped, and CL looked around, taking in her surroundings. She wasn’t in her house anymore. Shea stood before her in a gray, fuzzy and muted area. There were no walls that she could see, no floor and no ceiling as she stepped away from him to increase her awareness. The gray was close enough that she thought she could reach out and touch it, but as soon as she reached her hand forward, all she felt was air.

Thunder roared around the room, but it sounded off, like someone had stuffed earplugs in her ears and then put sound-canceling headphones on. She spun back around to Shea when she realized that the thunder didn’t echo. Light filled the room for a momentary blast before receding back into the grayness. “Where are we?”

“In the in between,” he answered, not moving from where he was rooted. More lightning came and went; thunder resounded before disappearing into the ether. “This is where we collide.”


On other news, I finished my final edit of DYING EMBERS and have sent it to the publisher. Just waiting to hear back from her, and then I have to task of picking a book cover! So yay! Now I’m off to take pictures of sunflowers!!

WIPpet Wednesday May 29th!

Hey, y’all! (I can say that because I live in Texas!). It’s Wednesday and that means two great things happen today. This is one! It’s so exciting.

It’s WIPpet Wednesday, meaning this is a post about my WIP (Work In Progress) and connects in some way to the date. Lots of peoples are doing it, so why aren’t you on the bandwagon yet? Here’s the link! WIPpet. Also…this is a really good practice for all you inspiring writers out there to get into. Writing something once a week can help you get into the habit of writing every day.

I’m taking a break from novel writing, waiting until June first rolls around. So, that means I’ve been working on a short story (amidst some copy-editing for two new up and coming authors). I plan of submitting this short for an anthology, meaning that I need to get cracking on it today. Going to Starbucks soon to get my write-on!

Here are the first 29 sentences of my short story (paranormal romance).


The flash lit up the sky, blinding CL’s eyes. The stream barreled toward the ground, fingering off in different directions until it dissipated into the darkening night. Rain clouds loomed overhead, dark and dirty, threatening to come even closer to the little haven below on the ground. Trees stood up tall, protecting the tiny house as it stood in silent reverence. CL swallowed and licked her lips, waiting for the taste of rain on her tongue.

It wouldn’t be much longer.

Taking in a deep breath and filling her lungs with the rich scent of damp greenery, she stood still. This time her eyes were closed when the lightning struck down from the world above, lashing out its anger against the defense of stoicism. CL didn’t move. The hairs in her nose burned as ozone washed where she stood; her eyes watered from the sting in the musky air.

God tried to tear open the sky, using both hands to rip it in half, scrambling to get a tight grip to shred the world. The sound was intoxicating. Cracks and pops resounded through the small forest just on the edge of the clearing, echoing as even more bounced through the clouds. Quickly it turned into deep rolling waves as energy disappeared just as fast as it came. She only had a few seconds left.

The wind shifted and the air chilled as she waited with her chin upturned to the roiling heaven above. She lived for days like these. With arms wrapped around her chest, she shivered, still keeping her stance in the center of her yard as the floodgates eased open. Her white, gauzy summer dress wrapped tightly around her ankle, tangling as sheets of water started to fall, one after the other until they reached her toes. That was when she turned. Sliding her bare heel into the dirt, CL booked it for her deck, the rain already caught up with her.

“You shouldn’t stay out there.”

She gasped and stood stock still on the last step of her stairs, the rain still beating down on her head. Pressing a hand over her racing heart, she looked up into the greenest eyes she had ever seen. Her chest rose and fell unevenly as the man stood between her and her door. She blinked back the water from her eyes as it trailed down her face and through her hair. CL grasped for words as she memorized what he looked like. “It’s raining” was all she managed to make out, her voice weak and covered by the rolling thunder.

“It is,” he said, smiling sweetly. He reached out, his hand ghosting along the skin of her cheek.


There is definitely more to come! I’m absolutely in love with CL and her inability to decide whether to break and run for it or if she should stick around and figure out who this stranger really is. Too bad I only have 10,000 words to play with her. Maybe I’ll steal here for a longer piece somewhere in the near future.

So…come one, come all. Join in this fun. Thank you to all who are participating and enjoy the work that they have spent so much time and energy creating!