The New Year, goals for 2015 and reflections on 2014

Since we’re close to the end of the year, I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for this year and my goals for next year. I always have the goal to simply read more books than I read the previous year (for pleasure only) and I certainly accomplished that.

This year I started a blog review site with another reading and writing cohort. It’s provided a lot of work and a lot of greatness. The goal is to read three books a month, so I know for a fact I succeeded in reading more than last year. It wouldn’t be hard since last year I think I read four books total for pleasure. The wonders of being in graduate school.

My second goal is writing/editing related. My goal is to publish 2-3 books a year, which means I have to look forward a lot. This year, 2014, I’ve managed to do that. I published For by Grace (Spirit of Grace #1), Across Worlds: Collision (S. A. Snow pen name), and Ashes Fall (James Matthews #3). I was really worried about not having anything to publish in 2015 because I didn’t really start writing until July. Life was a bit crazy there for a while.

But I did. In 2015, I will be publishing Memoir in the Making on May 1 and Fallen from Grace (Spirit of Grace #2) on June 1. I’m hoping to have another two in there, actually. Yeah—go figure. Quarter Life: Unbound, which I’m almost done with my edits before I send to the publisher, and a co-written novel with Rachael Orman that we haven’t quite finished writing but are close and that we have yet to name.

So here we go…goals for the year 2015

Reading – more books than last year, so more than 25

Writing –

Grace through Redemption (Spirit of Grace #3)
Bronzed Mask
De-Termination (The Second Quarter Life)

Maybe I’ll add in a fourth book in there. I feel like three is too few even though that’s my goal. It really depends on how quickly I get to writing this year unlike last year. Also why my focus this December is editing, so I can knock most of it out of the way before the new year starts. I’d love to get going with writing right off the bat.

Excitement and more!

As most of you know, I spent two weeks traveling around the US from the East Coast to almost the West Coast. What you don’t know is that on my way back from Montana to Texas, I had an amazing visit with fellow WIPpeter and friend, Sarah Hart. She met up with me at the airport, and we had a great thirty minute conversation during my layover. Sarah is beautifully spirited and a wonderful person!

Sarah & me

Yesterday afternoon I spent some time talking with my publisher. She IM’d me to say that she’s really enjoying my novel For by Grace and that she wants to publish the series! Yay! It’s been a few weeks since I had sent it to her, and I’m always nervous that she won’t like it. But she wants it! *does the happy dance*

Secondly, she told me that she had nominated my novel Forever Burn for the 2013 Rainbow Awards. She put it into two categories, debut novel and paranormal romance. I doubt I’ll win anything, but I’m completely appreciative of the nomination and the confidence that she has in me.

We were also talking about the publishing company itself. In April, I will hopefully be traveling to Tampa, FL for the very first Rainbow Con. While I’m not going as a writer but as a general admission, I still think the experience will be great. I should have goodies from my stuff and goodies from my publisher as well (apparently she’s a tid bit shy about going to cons).

So far, 2013 and 2014 are looking to be big and great years for me! I’m hoping for the release of three novels next year: Ashes Fall, For by Grace, and my co-written piece, Across Worlds: Collision.

I have also copy-edited seven books since May, which I didn’t think was a lot until I really sat down to look at it. Since May, I’ve done those seven novels, edited one of my own, written one of my own and started that editing process, and edited my co-written piece. I am BUSY!

I’ll keep you notified of any further updates. Also! I’ll be posting my book reviews of my last summer reads as soon as I find the time.

Keep it strong, people