The Art of the Farce with @Racheline_M & @ErinMcRae #guestpost #YLOH @supposedcrimes

I'm so excited today to have Erin & Racheline here with a fantastic guest post! They are cowriters in every sense of the word, which is something I love partaking it. So give them a round of applause! *** One of my and Racheline‚Äôs favorite story elements to play with is farce. Sure, we write … Continue reading The Art of the Farce with @Racheline_M & @ErinMcRae #guestpost #YLOH @supposedcrimes

A romance and a request … #WIPpetWednesday & #ROW80

As most of you know by this point, I am writing a romance novel, and I'm hoping to finish the writing of it today. Because GUEST WHAT!? I finished NaNoWriMo on Monday! w00t! w00t! anyway...I've come to a dilemma in this. I usually use one person for beta reading, but well, I'm overtaxing her. My … Continue reading A romance and a request … #WIPpetWednesday & #ROW80