Open when you get fired… #loveletters #openwhen

love letterOh love,

My heart breaks for you. This isn’t what you wanted or what I wanted. And it is completely out of our hands. Let me hold you, love. Let me hold you while you cry, while you curse, while you run worries around your head so much that you don’t know where to begin with how to fix what you think is broken.

But we are not broken, love.

You are not broken.

I am here for you and with you, through the thick and through the thin, through the hard times and the good times, through the shitty times and the joyous times. I love you, and that is what matters. I love you through our troubles, through our failures, through our struggles, through every moment of this life together.

Take a breath. We’ll be better than okay.

Open when you have doubts about us… #openwhen #loveletters


It’s not simple to worry or work through this one. It’s complicated and scary. Very scary for me and probably for you. When you have doubts about us, everything compounds and it’s hard to get out of that thinking. All I can do is to ask you to remember why you thought we could work.


Focus on the good, the things we do well together, the complements we make to each other. There are many that I can think of off the top of my head. We’re extremely supportive of each other. We know what it’s like to live in hardship, and we know we don’t want that for our future.


We know that we each love each other, that this marriage thing was a big deal for both of us. We had given up on ever finding the one, of ever saying wedding vows, of ever being in a relationship long term. Both of us had given up on that dream. Yet, here we are, barely a year from meeting, married and living a life exactly how we want to live it.
We share dreams. We share ideas for the future. We share goals. We share a love so great it’s hard to knock down. Remember that I love you with my whole heart, love you like have I have never loved anyone else. And you may have doubts, but I hope and pray that your doubts will vanish in the face of what we can build together.

Ella’s Love COVER REVEAL! #coverreveal #authorcorner

Title: Ella’s Love
Author: Jasmine Lee
Genre: Contemporary
Release Date: February 4, 2015
Cover Design: Sheri McGathy
Models: TJ (Front) & Donna Jo Petty-Kitchens (Back)
Photographers: Amber & Tabitha Patterson
A chance meeting years ago.
Another chance meeting one night followed by a passionate kiss.
A final chance meeting in an ER.Followed by the most horrible first date ever.That might just be the best first date ever.
Newly divorced Marcus, Lead singer of a Heavy Metal band.Never dreamed he’d find love ever again.
Single mom Ella, knows she may never have her ownHEA.Not when she has more than the normal baggage.
What follows, neither expected.How much is Marcus willing to sacrificeto be with Ella?Can Ella open her heart, knowing she may never truly find her happy ending?
I could tell you everyone gets their own form of
happily ever after in the end, but let’s face it, that’s a HUGE lie. Not
everyone gets one or they get a part of one only to have it ripped away from
them in the end. Leaving them more broken than they ever believed they could be
in their lives.
I thought I had it all: the fame, the happiness, and
most importantly, the love.
a load of bullshit!
I definitely didn’t have love. She wanted me for
nothing more than my fame and money in the end. So after nine years together-four
of those years spent married-we ended up getting the big D. Thankfully, there
were no children in the mix, otherwise I would have to deal with the royal
bitch for the rest of my life.
But this isn’t mine and the royal bitch’s story. Nope,
this is Ella’s and my story; the story of how we came to be. True, we had more
going in the end than we realized at the time, but I wouldn’t change one thing
about our time together.
one thing



About The Author:
Hey everyone! My name Jasmine and I live in East Texas in a small town. I would love to tell you this great adventure about myself but it wouldn’t be true so I’ll stick with the boring version.
Born and raised in a small town; growing up I was more of the loaner then anything. Never dated the guy of my dreams.

But I grew up & married the perfect guy for me!

I write mainly for the fun of it & it’s my stress reliever!


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Christmas Eve isn’t as relaxed as it used to be #ROW80 & #WIPpetWednesday

Christmas Eve isn’t a break for me like it used to be. I was just telling the SO the other day that it’s a bit weird not having a Christmas break from like when I was in school because I don’t really know when everyone is done for the semester.

Today is one of my busiest days of the year. And today…oh boy today…It starts around 5:30 in the morning and goes until close to midnight. So I won’t be checking on blogs today, or probably tomorrow. I might get to them on Friday, but I get to drive my mom to the airport Friday, which is a 2 hour drive one way. And Saturday I have a funeral.

Long busy week for this writer! =P

But the good news is, I have been writing. So here’s my ROW80 check in.

1. Write 1667 words a day.

Sun: 0
Mon: 2683
Tues: 2476

2. keep up with all blog posts ROW80, WIPpet, Open When and add in 1 extra post a week

I’ve managed this so far! Just need to finish Open When twice this week. Tomorrow and Saturday. =P

3. Edit at least one chapter a week on something.

I’ve edited two chapters from Amya’s Take Out, my short stories that are companion pieces to For by Grace.

4. crochet one round of border a week

Now, for WIPpet Wednesday ::rubs hands together::

This excerpt is from Grace but not from Grace. I’ve decided to write a series of short stories in companion to For by Grace. I’m not sure if I’ll do it with the other two books in the series. I might, but … who knows. I might know more when I actually do the final edit of Fallen from Grace which should be happening soon.

Anyway. Thus far this week, I’ve written two of these short stories and edited to more. So I have like 5000 words to pick from! Yay! Today you get 3 paragraphs from “Office Hours” for the 12 month because 1 + 2 = 3

I must admit, it’s crazy weird to be writing from Amya’s POV and it’s crazy weird not to have Grace in some of the stories at all. I think that’s why I’ve put off writing these stories for so long. It’s just weird not to have the MC in the world you’ve created and written solely from for YEARS not be there at all.

Anyway, here you go! 3 paragraphs.

Grace turned to leave the room, but Amya couldn’t let her go at that. There was something in the air that hadn’t been cleared, something that needed to be. Amya tugged Grace back, walking into her body and pressing her against the office wall. She cupped Grace’s cheek with her free hand, keeping the one still entwined with Grace’s in place.

“I really like you, Grace.”

When Grace said nothing in response, Amya thought she had stepped too far over the invisible barrier they were fighting with, but when Grace slid a hand up her back, she knew she’d done the right thing. Grace’s mouth descended onto hers, and Amya let out a small moan when they touched. Grace pulled Amya tightly into her, and Amya relaxed, waiting to feel completely taken over by Grace, more so than she already was.

Thanks for stopping by! If you’re interested in joining in WIPpet Wednesday, write up a post with an excerpt from your current work in progress. Make that excerpt somehow correlate to the date and then link up the blog post with all the others right here.

Open when you’re sick… #openwhen #loveletter

IMG_6680Let me know, baby. Let me know and I’ll take care of you. I’ll make you elbows and special soup, and chicken and dumplings (because that’s your thing not mine). I’ll get you medicine and tuck you in. We’ll watch whatever you want to watch on television.

I want you to feel better. You can sleep in the bed too, let me sleep on the couch because I know you don’t want to get me sick too. I’ll tuck you in and make sure you get all better. You need to feel better, baby, because frankly, you’re no fun when you’re sick. But who is really?
By the way, next time you’re not sick, you need to write down the chicken and dumpling recipe so I actually know how to make it.

Open when you’re sad… #openwhen #loveletters


I’m so sorry, love. I’m sorry this feeling is taking over you. I don’t know what I can do to help other than cuddle you and hold you close. It’s okay to cry. I really do mean that. It doesn’t make you any less of a person to shed the tears. It’s okay to want to be in solitude as well, just let me know.

Whatever you need, I’ll be right there to give it to you. We’re there for each other. That’s why we entered into this relationship and this marriage.

So when you’re sad, love, come to me. Come and let me wipe away your tears, kiss away your fears, and wrap you in warmth and comfort. We’re there for each other, and I want to be there for you as often as I can.

I’ll listen to whatever is on your heart, and I’ll let you talk it out. If you want to remain in silence until you’re ready to explain, I’ll wait. It’s not a matter of fixing the problem; it’s a matter of letting me be present with you. Take a tissue and wave it in the air like a truce. All else will disappear and nothing will be left by you and me and the moment of being present with each other in whatever we are feeling.
Let me be with you when you’re sad, love. It’s the only thing I ask of you.

Open when you’re happy… #Openwhen #loveletters


I love you. I love seeing you smile and those dimples you get in your cheeks. So if you’re really happy and smiling like a maniac, I want you to go find me. Put this letter down, go find me and tell me all about it. Let’s celebrate whatever it is that’s making you happy together.


Let’s get some beer and drink them down, guzzling at least two each. Let’s turn off the television, laugh and talk and get to know each other all over again. Let’s go out to a nice meal dedicated solely to each other and celebrating whatever it is making you oh so happy.


I want to take the time to spend celebrating. It’s important. It’s crucial to remember and uplift the times are good so the bad times don’t seem so terrible. I love you, so much more than you can probably ever imagine, and I want to make this work. I want to make celebrations the majority of what we remember when we look back on our marriage. I want the happy times to severely outweigh the sad and desolate. I want us not to remember fighting but to remember celebrate.


So find me wherever I am, and let me in on the good news. Share with me what you’re feeling and help me to feel it too. Let’s bask in the happiness and let it last as long as it can. These are the moments I want to remember, the ones I want to carry with me through the rest of my life.
These are the moments that make our relationship and that make our love.

Open when you’re lonely… #loveletters #openwhen #love


I know you get lonely, far more easily than I do. I’m used to being alone and it takes quite a bit of time for my aloneness to turn to loneliness. But for you…you like to have people around. You like to have friends over and to chat and hang out with them far more often than I do.


I know loneliness is going to strike somewhere in this year, probably soon. We just moved to the center of the country, and the nature of my job isolates us from the rest of the town. I apologize. I don’t think I prepared you for that at all. I don’t think I was prepared for it, as loneliness has struck me more often than I thought it would.


I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I dragged you out here where we really do have to start over again. I’m sorry it means you’ll have to go through these bouts of loneliness that I can only fix so many times. But please do, please let me know when you’re lonely. Let me know so we can try to do something about it. Let me know so we, you and I, can spend some time together to help stave off the effects of loneliness.
I love you, and that’s not something that can fix everything. It’s a hard truth to come by, but it makes me want to try and bring you as much happiness as I can. I love you, so remember that, and tell me when loneliness has you in its claws and we’ll sit down and watch a movie, or go out to dinner together, or go to town and “get wild” with no one around to see us.

Open when you miss me… #openwhen #loveletters


I don’t know if the distance is physical or mental both obviously there is a distance. I’ve gone from you and I don’t know why, and I don’t know how long it’s been. Remember that I do love you, so dearly. I never thought I would get married, truly believed it, until I met you. And as soon as we started dating, I knew where we would end up and I knew it wouldn’t be an easy road.


If you miss me because I’m gone mentally, it’s going to take some time for me to find my way back. I haven’t lived an easy life, and I grew up with depression as my best friend. It’s hard to let it go, but I do try to only visit a few times a year. Remind me of that, remind me that I’ve been down this road before, and remind me that I’m not alone. You missing me in this case, is probably the best thing that could happen because you missing me is what will help me.


If I’m physically gone, that’s tougher. If I’m far away, it’s harder to come see me. If it’s a distance that will end soon, then call me. If it’s a distance that will take a lot of time (like right before we married), then pack your bags and come for a visit. I have no doubt that I’d be missing you just as much.


When you miss me, remember all the good times we had–those times when we couldn’t stop laughing. Remember when we forgot it was our anniversary, went on a date and remembered halfway through it what day it was? Remember when I came home to hundreds of daisies? Remember when we went to Hot Springs and tried to fish in a lake while it was freezing rain out? Remember walking around the gardens in Hot Springs? Remember the concert in Little Rock? Remember going on our first brewery hop together?


Remember our coffee date the morning of our wedding?
Let those fill you up, let them bring me closer to you until I can once again be with you in mind and in spirit, until I can step into your open arms and wrap my hands around you in a hug. Let them tide you over until you no longer have to miss me.

Open when you’re mad at me

I know I’m going to piss you off at some point. God knows I have before, so I definitely will again. I’m hard headed, stubborn, but most importantly, when I knows I piss you off the most is when I’m scared.


So ask me if I’m scared, and when I initially say no, let it sink it and ask again a bit later. My fear puts up defenses that make me push you away. My fear is what causes us to argue the most. And I’m not good that letting people see my fears, even you.


When you’re mad at me, remember that I do love you. I wouldn’t have joined in the venture of marriage for anyone but you. It’s not going to be easy. We are both really, really stubborn, and not to outdo you, but I’m probably the more stubborn of the two of us.


When you’re mad at me, take some time to figure yourself out. And then confront me. Do it gently without anger in your voice and my defenses will be lowered. Do it with kindness in your words and an open mind for what I might say.


It’s mostly the little things that anger me, so if I’m mad at you, which is thus causing you to be mad at me, then be patient. I know it’s a virtue for both of us ( that’s sarcasm if you couldn’t read that in there), but do try to be patient with me.
And remember, lastly, when you’re angry with me, I do love you, and I wouldn’t want to be married or on this spectacular journey with anyone else.


Open when you need to know I’m there for you

I know you’re having a rough time. You always show it in your shoulders. You tense up and don’t move as smoothly as normal. You walk stiffly and don’t talk much. That’s another tell-tale sign. You not talking because you constantly talk to me. You try to seclude yourself, and I’ll let you have some time. But just know, I’m always here.

I’m waiting and listening and biding my time until you’re ready for me. Until you’re ready for me to crawl into the bed with you and wrap my arms around you. Until you’re ready for me to kiss you to make all your fears, worries and doubts go away. I’m always going to be there for you, whether or not I’m in the room.

I’m a text message, a phone call, a Facebook message away.

I’m a breath, a look, a word away.

I’ll do anything you want, anything you need to make you feel better. I’ll do anything necessary to be with even if it means flying across the world. Nothing is beyond the limits.

I’ll hold your hand, I’ll walk with your through life, the thick and thin, I’ll be there with you throughout it all. The good and the bad. I want to be beside you as we go through the ups and downs, as we celebrate our joys and experience our sorrows.

When you need to know I’m there for you, just pick up your phone or look across the room. I’ll be right there.

Open when you need to know I love you…

When you need to know I love you know that I wait for you each day you work or go to school, smiling as soon as I know you’re near and here. Know that I can’t get enough of you each and every day. Know that each night I struggle to sleep if you are not in my bed, that without a goodnight kiss I feel empty and unbalanced.

Know that each day that passes, I feel so lucky and blessed to have God place you in my life. Know that you are now what my life revolves around, even if it doesn’t always seem that way. Know that I have never cared this deeply for another person, that you made all the difference in allowing me to love.

Know that you are the reason I know I will be smiling each and every day, laughing and enjoying everything life has to offer. Know that you are my whole world. Know that when I travel and am gone even for one night, I miss you desperately. Know that even just a text puts a smile on my face, reminding me of just how much you love me.

Know that I love you with my whole heart even if I’m mad, frustrated or sad. Know that my love for you continues to grow each passing second. Know that my love for you surpasses anything I have ever experienced. Know that you are my one and only. Know that I love you so deeply. Know that I love you so much I can’t express it in a cacophony of words. Know that I love every little quirk you have. Know that I love your morning noises. Know that I love your excitement over movies. Know that I love that you love spending time with me, even if it is on separate couches watching television.

Know that I never want to be alone–I always want to be with you. Know that I love that you would do almost anything for me. Know that I love that you stand up for me, I love you so much for this. Know that I love you for making me laugh, for making me smile, for making me enjoy life in a way I never thought was possible.

Know that you are my best friend and know that I will always, always love you.


These letters are intended for my significant other; however, I thought to share our love with all the world. All couples go through good times and bad, and we need to feel open enough to talk about life’s problems. These “open when” letters are intended to be opened and to be an opening. I plan on giving these letters to my significant other on our first wedding anniversary, September 6, 2015. You will find a letter posted here each week. If you have any suggestions for topics, leave a comment below. I have 52 planned out, one for each week of the year, but love never plays by a timeline.

Love, Honor & Hope Blitz



Love, Honor, & Hope – A Benefit for the United States War Veteran’s PTSD Foundation

Eight authors are joining forces to support one fantastic cause. Beginning June 24, 2014, Love, Honor, & Hope, an anthology of eight full-length novels, will be available for 30 days at the low price of $0.99. That’s right, just 99 pennies. The best part is that 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the United States War Veteran’s PTSD Foundation.


PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, affects approximately 19% of the military men and women returning from Afghanistan and Iraq—and that’s just those who have been diagnosed. The percentage is expected to grow as more of our military members seek treatment. It’s a heartbreaking trend for the men and women who sacrifice so much for our freedoms, especially with benefits being cut and promotions being threatened.


The United States War Veteran’s PTSD Foundation is a non-profit charity that focuses on providing FREE care to combat military members, both active and veterans. They can’t do it alone, which is why we’ve made the decision to step up and do something. All eight of the authors have their personal reasons for supporting this cause.
Cherime MacFarlane, author of Heart of the Hunter said, “For me, it’s the way a very quiet man, my uncle, receded into the background whenever a family function took place. I did understand he came back from WWII that way. A young man, easy going and quick to laugh became a recluse. My father also served in WWI, as did a second uncle who returned far from the mischievous young man he was before the war claimed his youth. I was a young mother during the Vietnam era. I had friends who did not come back from Vietnam. I had other friends who did come home but were permanently damaged by the things they saw. For me, this is an opportunity to give back something to the men who served their country when the call came. My uncles and father are gone now, but I do hope, in some small way, to pay it forward for them. This is a tiny step, but as the man once said, every journey begins with that first step.”


It’s easy to sit back and talk about helping our veterans and active military members. To step up and help is something all together different. We are answering the call for help.
Will you answer? All it takes is for you to log on to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and spend 99 cents, and then hopefully share the great news on our labor of love. Not only will you receive eight full-length novels for your enjoyment, you will also tell our men and women who suffer from this terrible and debilitating illness that we’ve got their backs.


Love, Honor, & Hope is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble from June 24 to July 23. It includes the following full-length novels:

Out of the Box Awakening – Jennifer Theriot

Early One Morning – Aubree Lane

Lost and Found – Jennifer Yarbrough

Scary Modsters – Diane Rinella

Tropical Dreams – Kelly Cozzone

Sisters of the Night – Linda Lee Williams

Heart of the Hunter – Cherime MacFarlane

Piece of Heaven – Sammie J

Creative Buzz Hop: ubu, ibme

8837096895_81577a234b_qI have never been one for following social pressures or even glancing at social norms. I am the product of a strong female household that never struggled with striving to be exactly who we are and what we are, staying as true to our nature as possible. Which is exactly what I strive for.

Yes, I was the girl in the lime green jump suit in elementary school because it was my favorite color (was, I have since moved on to camo as my favorite color). I was the girl with blue tipped, purple tipped, red tipped, a few streaks in there on occasion, hair. I used to wear it when I walked into work at my security job and down and proud on a Sunday evening when I stepped into church for worship.

I am the girl who has ten piercings in one ear, two in the other, three tattoos (the fourth and fifth already planned). I am the woman who is young and vibrant, who does what she wants, when she wants, looks responsibility in the face and grabs it by the horns, riding it out into the sunset with flair. I am the student, who is working toward a master’s degree, seeking out new life and new civilizations in a world that only a Christian can know and describe, and a place where God is always residing. I am the writer, who types out words of vast and far away places, who imagines fantastic scenes and characters (yes, including erotica and the devil and, oh my God, lesbians!).

I am the one who looks social pressure in the face and laughs. Social pressure has never done anything for me. It has never uplifted me, stood behind me, strengthened me or helped me. All it has done is downtrodden, laughed and pointed, stuck its ghastly and purple mutated tongue out and spit on me. Social pressures are nothing better than a way to make individuals conform and lose part of their self (which is not a good thing, btw).

This is why.

I’m going to get a bit personal now, hope you don’t mind. I am a victim. Like just about everyone else in this modern day, we are all victims of something. What social pressure wants you to do, what it wants me to do–is stay a victim. Society wants nothing to do with survivors who talk about their problems and experiences in a far of distant land of something that once happened and changed our lives. Societal pressure always wants to make the perpetrator just that. Only a perpetrator. No mix, no good and bad, no loving person in one aspect who hurts in another. There are no shades in society. There is only one color or no color.

I live in the rainbow. A cacophony of colors that make up who I am and what I want to be, just like those streaks and tips I used to wear on a regular basis, proudly stating and claiming and shouting that I AM DIFFERENT.

So stick with this


Get it?

You be you, and I’ll be me.



If you would like to join in the Creative Buzz Hop, just join in already! Write a post in this next week on SOCIAL PRESSURES and post it on your blog. Then you get the wonderful pleasure of going either here or here and linking it to the vast amount of others who participate =P. Afterward, take a minute and read some of the other Buzz Hop submissions.

Here are the “rules” as laid out

1. Display the awesome picture if you choose to participate.

2. Read/comment on other’s blog posts

3. Tag some friends and encourage them to join

4. Write your own prompt! A poem, a short story, (novel might be too long), a personal tale/memoir, an autobiographical stance. Just about anything goes.