Making Eros Jealous #loveisamess #anthology #valentinesday #authorcorner #gayfiction

Hello all! I'd love for you to give a warm welcome to Eva Lefoy, author of Property of Cupid in the Love is a Mess anthology I'm also a part of. Today she's going to be sharing a bit about her story. I hope you enjoy it!   In Property of Cupid, my M/M story … Continue reading Making Eros Jealous #loveisamess #anthology #valentinesday #authorcorner #gayfiction

Fangirl to Peer @amyunchained #loveisamess #authorcorner

I'd love to welcome A. M. Leibowitz to my blog today! One, she's totally awesome and doesn't know how fantastic of a writer she is, and two she really understands the word humble. A. M. is one of the newer authors at Supposed Crimes, but boy does she fit right in. Here's her guest post … Continue reading Fangirl to Peer @amyunchained #loveisamess #authorcorner

Love and Death, the commonalities by Michael DuPuy #loveisamess #authorcorner

Good morning all! I've asked Michael DuPuy to write up something on his first ever published piece. It happens to be in the Love is a Mess anthology! Michael hails to us from the large state of Texas, where he writes in his spare time of just plain being awesome. Michael DuPuy, while not investigating … Continue reading Love and Death, the commonalities by Michael DuPuy #loveisamess #authorcorner