WIPpet Wednesday!! September 4, 2013

Good morning and welcome to the land of the living. I absolutely almost forgot that today was Wednesday. *hides* but I remembered!! In time, of course. It's been a crazy week, but this morning I was filled with reading about Zombis in Haiti (they're real there), and witches who are high on drugs and use … Continue reading WIPpet Wednesday!! September 4, 2013

Grammar Wednesday: Word Mixups — Lightning v Lightening

Good morning folks! I almost forgot that today is Wednesday. My life has been a bit crazy this week. This week we're still looking at word mixups, I have quite a few of them. Lightning and Lightening. I promise, they are two different words. The lightning struck down from the sky, bearing the world as … Continue reading Grammar Wednesday: Word Mixups — Lightning v Lightening

Interview with Aaron Speca & Cover Reveal for “Dying Embers”

Hey y'all (I can say that since I live in Texas). I was interviewed by Aaron Speca, an amazing, amazing person. The interview went live today. I have to say, this is was the funnest interview I have done so far. He did a great job on it. ALSO!!!!! On a more exciting note, there's … Continue reading Interview with Aaron Speca & Cover Reveal for “Dying Embers”

WIPpet Wednesday August 28, 2013

Welcome, welcome, welcome! It's Wednesday. That means it's WIPpet Wednesday. That means you get an excerpt from my current WIP (Work In Progress). Here's the deal. And feel free to join in. Just write a post with your current WIP and have the excerpt somehow relate to the date. So, since today is August 28th, … Continue reading WIPpet Wednesday August 28, 2013

“A Divine Life” by R.E. Hargrave

Welcome one and welcome all. As you know, I read books (who would guess that?). Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of reading R.E. Hargrave's first book in The Divine Trilogy. It's a fascinating read with interesting characters that goes deeper into the BDSM world than many of the books I've read. Today, I … Continue reading “A Divine Life” by R.E. Hargrave

Grammar Wednesday: TENSES — future

This is the rarest of all for an entire story/novel to be written in. However, there are often sections that require this. example time!! Rusty would be going to visit her brother in Washington, D.C. for a week. Then she would be going to the west to visit some family. She couldn't be more excited … Continue reading Grammar Wednesday: TENSES — future

#WIPpet Wednesday: July 24, 2011 #wip #amwriting

So...It's Wednesday! That means it's WIP Wednesday! WooHoo! If you haven't heard, I finished my last WIP, so guess what? I started another one. Because I'm absolutely insane and can't take a break. This new one I'm very excited for. There are vampires (not the sparkly kind), witches (not the good and not the bad … Continue reading #WIPpet Wednesday: July 24, 2011 #wip #amwriting

Ashes Fall and the end of the James Matthew’s Trilogy

Today is a day to be remembered! But isn't every day? =P I spent about six hours writing today and completed the novel "Ashes Fall" in almost record time. If you only count the days that I wrote during NaNo, it probably is. However, I started writing this novel in February.  It was slow going; … Continue reading Ashes Fall and the end of the James Matthew’s Trilogy

Indie Author Land Interview

Today my interview with Indie Author Land goes live!! I'm sharing it here so you can read it. I had a ton of fun answering their questions and getting to know them better.The interview is about my first novel Forever Burn.Here's a section from the interview...OK. Tell us a little more about James. James has … Continue reading Indie Author Land Interview

#WIPpet Wednesday: July 3, 2013

So sorry I missed last week folks, but nothing I wrote was appropriate *giggles* I do have appropriateness this week! Yay for writing non-sex scenes. Also, the sex-novel, aka the erotic sci-fi, is finished! wOOt...now to start the editing process. So here's what WIPpet Wednesday is. We (writers amongst the greatness) post our WIP's, work … Continue reading #WIPpet Wednesday: July 3, 2013

Grammar Wednesday: Pet Peeves and Americanisms

It is not OK. It is okay. ** It is not alright. It is all right. *** It is not wanna, gonna, coulda, shoulda, woulda. It is want to, going to, could have, should have, would have. (The only exception to these should be made in dialogue, or if you are planning some massive narrating … Continue reading Grammar Wednesday: Pet Peeves and Americanisms

#WIPpet Wednesday June 19, 2013 #wippeeters

Good morning to all you lovelies!! This weeks WIPpet comes from my newest novel that I'm writing, ASHES FALL. It's the third and final to the trilogy about James Matthews and is the sequel to FOREVER BURN. Enjoy!! This is the last 19 paragraphs (though most are really short because they're dialogue) to the prologue. … Continue reading #WIPpet Wednesday June 19, 2013 #wippeeters