In the Line & Conspiracy to Commit

I finished two chapters today (one is short, I swear I'm not THAT insane). I am, however, working on chapter 11. There are 15 total currently, but I might drop one. We'll see. The first chapter (aka ch 9) has some really important stuff in it. And ch 10 tells a bit more background for … Continue reading In the Line & Conspiracy to Commit

Grammar Wednesday: COMMA–sequence of events/lists

Welcome! Guess what?! This is the last week on commas! Oh my! Unless someone really doesn't understand one of the rules or I feel there needs to be a reprise. We're done! (Yes, why I do believe I overused my exclamation quota for the day.) Sequences of events and lists are very similar in nature. … Continue reading Grammar Wednesday: COMMA–sequence of events/lists

Grammar Wednesday: COMMA–participle phrase

Participle phrases can be a bit tricky. Basically, if you have a sentence with an "ing" word in it, you need to pay attention to what's going on! A participle is a verb that acts and pretends to be an adjective. It modifies the noun. So, now that I've probably confused you with the lingo, … Continue reading Grammar Wednesday: COMMA–participle phrase

Writing brings people together…

Yesterday, I spent the day at the Dallas Sci-fi Expo/Comic con. It was an amazing experience. I met actors from my favorite TV shows, friends from twitter, and hung out with general geeks like me! Aside from the general grandeur, what amazed me the most was how writing brings people together. I went with a … Continue reading Writing brings people together…