WIPpet Wednesday!! October 30, 2013

I love Halloween. I love Pumpkins. I absolutely love pumpkins more than Halloween. Recently my boyfriend and I adopted a little girl husky. I say little, but she's almost 50lbs, so she's not that little (sorry for those who don't use our weight system, but I'm way too lazy this morning to convert it for … Continue reading WIPpet Wednesday!! October 30, 2013

WIPpet Wednesday! October 2, 2013

I have some exciting news, and yes I'm stealing all of your attention. My novel Forever Burn is a finalist for a Rainbow Award!! I knew the book was up for it, but I honestly never thought it would get this far. I'm so freakin' happy and feel completely blessed. They announce the winner in … Continue reading WIPpet Wednesday! October 2, 2013

Super Secret Project (that’s not so secret) Title REVEAL!

I have let it slip a few times what the actual title of this novel is, but this is the actual 100% totally awesome reveal! Are you ready? Are you really, really ready? All right...The title is............. For by Grace =P This novel follows the life of Deputy Grace Halling and her day to day … Continue reading Super Secret Project (that’s not so secret) Title REVEAL!

In the Line & Conspiracy to Commit

I finished two chapters today (one is short, I swear I'm not THAT insane). I am, however, working on chapter 11. There are 15 total currently, but I might drop one. We'll see. The first chapter (aka ch 9) has some really important stuff in it. And ch 10 tells a bit more background for … Continue reading In the Line & Conspiracy to Commit