Marketing Frenzy #amwriting #indie #ireadindies

I have long neglected this blog. I hope to stop that, but as marketing comes and goes with the events of a new release, I fear the blog is low on the priority list for me. It has been since July…which is shocking. So much has happened since then.

Love Burns released August 17th.

Release (Quarter Life #3) released September 1st.

Lady Grim 2021 anthology released September 18th.

Admissible Affair released October 5th.

About Time released October 26th.

Next week, I release Daring Truth.

I wasn’t kidding. On the personal front, my son started kindergarten, and that has thrown a massive wrench into my writing time. I’m not used to having kids home at 3pm, and I miss my 3-5pm window of time desperately.

Marketing books is also an adventure. Since my goals changed from 2013 when I released my first book, I am focusing more on marketing, efforts that are successful and dropping those that are not. That means I’m very careful with my time as well. I’ve started a newsletter list. You’re welcome to join, where I send out weekly emails (that’s probably where my blogging time is being spent).

I even started a second pen name in an entirely different genre.

My goals are to pay for my daughters daycare on a monthly basis. Then pay off my student loans. Then pay off my house. THEN? Save/invest for retirement.

I can do that, right?

I certainly hope so. It’ll take determination and time and persistence. Meanwhile life goes on, marriages struggle, relationships falter, and time must be spent there to rectify problems and better communication. Everything in life is a balance, isn’t it?

If anyone ever finds the secret sauce for that balance, I’ll run. I think it’s impossible because it’s not a static thing. It’s something that ebbs and flows and changes and morphs. It’s something that is always changing because life is always moving.

Tell me what you think. I wanna know!

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