The Eira Ghost is Here #fairytaleretelling #lesfic #wlw #paranormalromance

My daughter, “Sister,” and I modeling two paperbacks of Eira. She’s much better at modeling than I am.
Eira is FINALLY here. This story and I have been through the ringer. I originally plotted it out in 2015 when I became obsessed with Frozen, well, after I became obsessed. I really wanted Elsa to get the girl, and I’ve always been fascinated with the fairy tale The Snow Queen. Even as a little kid. 

I wrote the first chapter in 2015, and then life got in the way. My son was born in February of 2016, and the first chunk of my pregnancy was ROUGH to say the least. Between 2017 and 2018, I had two miscarriages (one super involved, a molar pregnancy), and gave birth to my daughter in a very traumatic delivery. 

That brings me to 2020. The PANDEMIC. Moving across country to Wyoming in the middle of it, a much more friendly LGBT place than Western Kansas, if you can believe that. And this need to write again. 

I still had this story, Eira, on my mind. Even after all of that. So after finishing up some pieces I had gotten started and stopped during the “dark” years and finishing up the second in a series for my publisher on two books, I took a swing at Eira again. Back then it was called Glacial Freeze because I suck at naming things. 

I sent this book to two publishers, and it was rejected both times because of the lack of market for paranormal romance and fairy tale retellings. Sigh.So I moved to self-publishing, which is a huge risk for me. I’ve always worked with a publisher. I’ve always had that back up and no money up front. 

But now I want to prove those other publishers wrong.

There is a market for this, and this book WILL sell, am I right?So this day, and the release of this book, represents a whole lot for me. Writing, publishing, loving books that push the bounds of romance and genre, blending genre, and stepping out on my own to do this. 

I hope you all love and enjoy it! Because I’m just going to sit over here in Wyoming shaking in my boots and trying to distract myself until you tell me one way or another, and PLEASE do one way or another. I won’t hate you if you hate it.

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