Writing through grief #ROW80 #amwriting

It has been probably the worlds longest month. Writing through grief is an experience I never wish on anyone, especially when the writing you’re doing is not grief related. Journaling through grief is so helpful, please don’t think I’m saying don’t write your emotions.

The end of November is always rough because it’s the anniversary of the due date for my first miscarriage. This year hit hard because my youngest is two and I’d planned on being pregnant again and having another baby in the next year or so. That won’t happen, ever. So grief this year has been particularly strong.

But also on December 7th, we had to put our dog down. We suspected it was coming, she’s been sick for awhile, but goodness, there is nothing to do to prepare for that swarm of emotions. We lost three animals this year, and it has been rough!

So I didn’t write. From the 7th to the 14th, I focused on my, myself, and I and my family and working through our own grief. But I started typing away yesterday, and I’m so glad I did. I love how stress relieving it is.

My goals have shifted because of the slow down due to grief, but I’m still set to accomplish a lot in this Round of ROW80.


  1. Marketing for De-Termination (Quarter Life #2) – a constant WIP
  2. Write Young & Old (Missing Persons #3) – IN PROGRESS (70%) done
  3. Write Beware (Quarter Life #4)


  1. FINAL EDITS De-Termination (Quarter Life #2)
  2. Write Glacial Freeze
  3. Edit Broken & Weary (Missing Persons #2)
  4. Edit Release (Quarter Life #3)
  5. Write F/M/F romance piece
  6. Write Lawyer romance piece
  7. Edit Glacial Freeze aka Eira
  8. Write Race War (Agent Morgan Stone #2) – not happening
  9. Write Love Burns: Take 2 – not happening

One thought on “Writing through grief #ROW80 #amwriting

  1. I’m so sorry this is a rough time for you. Taking time for yourself and your family is definitely good. Glad the words are coming to you again, and I hope it helps.

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