Glacial Thaw and other unnamed titles #ROW80 #NaNoWriMo

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a ROW80 update. I’ve been neck deep in NaNoWriMo, in editing this Snow Queen redo, and in marketing for De-Termination. So there you have what I’ve been up to. haha.

My daughter told me last night: “Mama, doctor now. Ear hurt.” so I took her in this morning, and she has a double ear infection, explaining why NO ONE has slept the last week. I never would have guessed without her telling me.

I have a release party coming up! It’s a celebration of women loving women fiction. Feel free to come in and join in by clicking the link here. There will be lots of other authors there with giveaways and talking about their own books they have out. It’ll be a blast.

I finished writing my F/M/F piece, and I HATE IT. So it’s filed away on my hard drive for when I decide to tear it apart. I’m 4.5 chapters away from finishing my lawyer romance piece. I’m 130,000 words into NaNo (my goal is about 210,000 words and three books), so pretty much right on track for that to happen. I’ve got 3 chapters left to edit on Glacial Thaw (which used to be Glacial Freeze, testing this new title out). Then I’ll input all the edits and think about subbing it some place. Eeeek!

That’s my update!


  1. Marketing for De-Termination (Quarter Life #2) – a constant WIP
  2. Write Race War (Agent Morgan Stone #2)
  3. Write Young & Old (Missing Persons #3)
  4. Write Love Burns: Take 2
  5. Edit Stone’s Mistake (Agent Morgan Stone #1)
  6. Write Lawyer romance piece – IN PROGRESS
  7. Edit Glacial Freeze – IN PROGRESS


  1. FINAL EDITS De-Termination (Quarter Life #2)
  2. Write Glacial Freeze
  3. Edit Broken & Weary (Missing Persons #2)
  4. Edit Release (Quarter Life #3)
  5. Write F/M/F romance piece

Tell me what you think. I wanna know!

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