Writing has never felt so good! #ROW80 #amwriting #ROW80Update

My goodness I’ve actually written! It feels so good, you have no idea. Monday I spent a lot of Spider-Man’s nap time writing, and as soon as my spouse got home from work, I pounded on the keys as long as I could. That was at least until my wrist started hurting. Gotta start exercising it again so I can write longer.

I have officially decided what will happen in Poor in Spirit, Kansas Beatitude #1, which is a miracle. It’ll have one main character from the second story in it as a side character to further the connection between them. I’ve also decided the third story will be about a side character in the second story. If that all makes sense to everyone.

Story 1: about unnamed people, Ashley is a side character.
Story 2: about Ashley & Moira, Martha Grace is a side character.
Story 3: about Martha Grace

I’ll have to start thinking about how to connect all the stories together like that, but I anticipate that’ll come with the writing and figuring out in more details what’s going on and who is in each story.

I’ve realized that to keep up with my ROW80 goals I need to be writing about 1500 words a day. So I’ve joined an accountability group on Facebook to help me with that. Thus far, it’s been somewhat helpful. What I really need is someone who will come after me and spank me or yell at me when I don’t write for the day. I’m still waiting on that invention.

Here are my goals:

SHORT STORY TITLES: Poor in Spirit, Mourn, Meek, Hunger & Thirst, Merciful, Pure in Heart, Peacemakers, Persecuted.

DATES TO FINISH BY: July 14, July 24, Aug 3, Aug 13, Aug 23, Sep 2, Sept 12, Sept 22 (if I counted correctly)


Goal                —           Actual
120,000         —           11,288

10 thoughts on “Writing has never felt so good! #ROW80 #amwriting #ROW80Update

    • I love connecting things like that even if they’re not in the same series. Throwing in an Easter egg here or there can be loads of fun!

  1. Yay! For writing again. Getting your muse to agree with your goals is always a great accomplishment. And yes, using the secondary characters to bring your series together makes sense. Good luck!

  2. WERDZ! Yay, words! I like your idea of using the side characters to tie the stories together. I think that’s a good way to do it.

    Hmmm… an invention that’ll come after you if you don’t write for the day. Maybe someone will come up with an app for that. ENTER YOUR WORD COUNT OR ELSE!!!

    • Yeah, I was thinking they needed a better tie than just location, and in a place like this people are pretty much as connected as they can be. Family lines, so-in-so is married to so-in-so who is a second cousin to so-in-so etc. It’ll help build up the world that is Kansas.

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