Progress is Progress #ROW80 #AmWriting #Mourn #KansasBeatitude

I feel like I can add the tag #amwriting this week because I did actually do some writing, even if it wasn’t a lot. I managed 1700 words on Thursday before I headed off to work, and while I’d had intentions to write on Friday and Saturday, it just didn’t happen.

I spent Sunday afternoon cleaning. Isn’t that a fantastic way to round out the weekend? hahaha, but it does need to happen. This story is constantly on my mind, which is a good thing. I think it means I’ll actually finish it, and seeing as how I’ve had several short stories that I’ve started and not completed lately, I’m aiming for finishing it.

I think I also had an idea for the first short story, Poor in Spirit, in the Kansas Beatitude series. It’s based off something happening in my world right now, and that’s probably why I couldn’t think of writing it before I had admitted it to myself.

Again, I have high aspirations and goals for this round of ROW80, but my true goal is just to finish at least one short story. I need to start writing novels this year soon enough anyway. I have to write De-Termination (Quarter Life #2), which I had to ask my publisher to extend the date on it, and I have to write the next book for Grace. If I could fit in a sweet romance in there too, I’d love it, but that’s not my focus.

There’s also a great debate as to whether or not be an ML come November. There is not a lot of ML support where I live, and I absolutely loved doing it in Texas. I’m just very concerned about time and baby and family and life and adjustments that will be happening right about then at work and all that jazz. I only have 6 more days to decide, so I best get deciding soon.

I’ll stop rambling now =P

Here are my goals:

SHORT STORY TITLES: Poor in Spirit, Mourn, Meek, Hunger & Thirst, Merciful, Pure in Heart, Peacemakers, Persecuted.

DATES TO FINISH BY: July 14, July 24, Aug 3, Aug 13, Aug 23, Sep 2, Sept 12, Sept 22 (if I counted correctly)


Goal                —           Actual
120,000         —           4271


2 thoughts on “Progress is Progress #ROW80 #AmWriting #Mourn #KansasBeatitude

  1. Congrats on writing 1,700 words. That’s awesome!

    You mentioned having several short stories that you’ve started lately; that sounds similar to my process. I have a list of stories that I’ve started but haven’t finished, mostly because they stalled out at the end of the first act and I’m not sure where to go with them. My goal is to balance revising stories with finished drafts with completing first drafts of those stories, so I don’t just abandon those characters midway through their stories.

    Good luck and happy writing, Adrian!

    • I actually rarely finish short stories. I tend to use the as an exercise while I’m between working on novels. And I really can’t work on more than one project at once, even short stories. It makes my brain hurt =/ Some people find that works so much better for them because they don’t get bored with it. I just can’t do it that way.

      I loosely outline everything I intend to finish, which may also be why I hardly ever finish short stories because I don’t ever seem to outline them. It also helps when I seem to have stalled to have a reminder of where I was going from the beginning. I am more than halfway through Mourn though, so maybe I will actually finish it!

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