Update 1 on Mourn #KansasBeautitude #ROW80 #amwriting

I ended up writing 2500 words on Thursday and then not writing again. haha! But 2500 words is something, and I have to keep telling myself that. I would love to average 2500 words a day again like I was doing, but maybe I need to work up to that instead of just assuming writing is going to come back to me at the snap of my fingers.

Mourn is the second beatitude but the first I’m writing. I have it completely plotted out, which helps me a lot in my process of writing. I’m planning on working on it some more this afternoon if I can get baby to take a proper nap.

It’s also very difficult for me to update on Sundays & Wednesdays because of my work life, so my actual updates will likely be Mondays & Thursdays throughout ROW80.

Here’s my goals:

SHORT STORY TITLES: Poor in Spirit, Mourn, Meek, Hunger & Thirst, Merciful, Pure in Heart, Peacemakers, Persecuted.

DATES TO FINISH BY: July 14, July 24, Aug 3, Aug 13, Aug 23, Sep 2, Sept 12, Sept 22 (if I counted correctly)


Goal                —           Actual
120,000         —           2,500

How’s everyone else doing?

4 thoughts on “Update 1 on Mourn #KansasBeautitude #ROW80 #amwriting

    • ha! Everyday is a holiday in this household. I only have one kid and he’s only 5 months, so it’ll be awhile before school will make it easier. To add on top of that, I work full-time, but the baby comes with me to work and will until his 12-18 months old, so yeah, not a lot of down time around here. =P

  1. Hey! August 23 is my 19th anniversary, and September 2 is my Boyo’s 15th (gasp! No, wait! Can’t be….umm….yup, that’s right. Decade and a half, already!)

    Hopefully, we’ll send you goof vibes, and a sleepy wee one. =D

  2. Seasons happen. ;-) I won’t regale you with “enjoy it while it lasts,” “just wait! he’ll get older and then you’ll wish blablabla,” and other useless bits of advice. (Those frustrated me so much when my kids were babies. I was like, “BUT I JUST WANT TO FUNCTION!”) Umm… let’s see… DO make peace with knowing your entire life has shifted and what was before may never be again and what is now will always, always, always be changing. Seriously. Also frustrating advice, but no one ever said it to me and it was school of hard knocks to figure it out, so there you go.

    You’re a super prolific writer. I’m sure you’ll find your current happy daily word count. :-)

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