Long Time No See! #writing #releases #ohMY!

Whew, it’s been a long time since I’ve been around here. It’s completely my fault, but I’ve had a lot going on in my life. For starters, I had a baby. And you know what? Sleep deprivation is REAL! I haven’t been doing a lot of writing either because of said sleep deprivation. My mind just doesn’t function well without a good amount.

A lot of things have been going on though. For starters, I released a book! I know, right!? I should have said something, right!? The timing was really NOT in my favor.

It’s a short story, one I submitted as an experiment to another publisher, an experiment that is still ongoing. Well, here’s the experiment.




Standing in the center of a storm, waiting for lightning to strike has always been one of CL’s favorite moments: the anticipation, the buildup for the moment for when the downpour begins.

This time is different. In the midst of a storm, a mysterious woman keeps appearing at her cottage, watching CL before disappearing. At first, the woman seems like lonely imaginings, but as the storm and CL’s interest in her strengthen, CL realizes that’s far too easy an explanation.




So far it seems to be going well. It’s always interesting to work with someone new, to find out a different process of doing things, and to be a little scared, you know? In the midst of having a baby, I was doing final edits on this story.

Then, my normal publisher, reminded me that I had a novel due to her soon too. OH BOY! Can you say overwhelmed? I had to get the final edits to her asap because she needed to do edits and make the covers and pre-order stuff etc. There’s a lot of work to be done on a novel before it’s released. I guess pregnancy brain and lack of sleep made me forget all that.

Curious as to which one it is? Well, here you go!


Detective Grace Halling has a nice ring to it, or so Grace thought until she receives her first case.

Grace has been visiting Harold Crighton for years, and when he suddenly goes missing from the Campbell Home with seemingly no trace, her world is thrown into a spin. From finding her feet as a detective to learning how to be a better girlfriend to Amya and trying to find her place in a new and different world of no longer being a beat cop, Grace plows ahead and grits her teeth.

Although not the lead detective on Harold’s case, Grace is determined to put as much effort into finding him as possible. That is until she’s saddled with her own case and her focus becomes divided.


RIGHT!? GRACE IS BACK AND IT’S IN STYLE! lol. I love Grace so much. She makes me swoon all the time.

That’s just a small update from this accidental country girl living in Western Kansas. I hope to update again soon!


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