*cracks whip* WIPetty WIPetty WIPetty #WIPpetWednesday

Good morning!! I’m back for a second week in a row. That’s like a record or something. I did finish NaNo on the 14th. And since my in-laws canceled Thanksgiving with us, I now have the opportunity to finish writing the book this month. 3.5 chapters and an epilogue left to go. w00t! then I get to start the wonderful editing process.

For this week’s snippet, I chose the scene pretty much directly after the last one. I’m trying not to give away too many hints, and that’s going to get hard to do real soon. Here are 16 sentences from chapter 2 of OBlique. Here’s my math. 2-1 = 1 and 5 +1 = 6. 1 and 6 makes 16 when put side by side. =P

“So at Logan’s this girl pretty much fainted in one of the aisles.”

“And you just happened to be there?” Sissy asked, flipping her silky hair over her shoulder.

Jaclyn had always been jealous of her looks. Where she was tiny and scrawny and could easily pass for a boy if she wanted to, Sissy was curvy and voluptuous in all the right places. “Yes, I just happened to be there buying my dinner. Anyway, Dale didn’t know what to do, so I had to intervene.”

“Ahh, playing the hero. And was this lass pretty?”

Jaclyn pursed her lips. Her cheeks reddened and her chest heated. Before she could respond in either the affirmative of the negative, Sissy was pushing at her shoulders.

“Oh my God, she was, wasn’t she?”

Jaclyn nodded.

“Come on, Tiny. Spill the details.”

“Ugh, you know I hate that.”


Taking a deep breath, Jaclyn leaned back into the couch again as she flicked her tennis shoes off her feet and curled her legs under her body. “Nothing much. She said she got dizzy and tried to sit down. I think she sat down harder than she expected to.”

“And you did a medical exam?”

Jaclyn gave Sissy a short look. “Get your head out of the romance novel, Lenora. That’s not how it works in the real world.”
Sissy clicked her tongue and shook her head. “That’s how it happened with me and Dougie.”

“Dougie and me,” Jaclyn corrected.

“Shh. It can happen anyway.”

And that’s it folks! All are welcome to join in the WIPeteering fun. Just make a blog post with a snippet somehow related to the date and linkie up here. As for the rest of what’s going on in my world…

Yesterday I had an odd and interesting thing happen to me. While I was avoiding writing, because why else would I write, I was working on whatever I could find. That meant first edits for Lost & Forsaken so I could send to betas, copy-edits on my short Deathscape with has a potential release date of April 6th with Less Than Three Press, and then I did finally get to writing on this new thing OBlique and promoting my release for Grace through Redemption happening on Dec 1. Like…how many more books/stories can I add into that chaos in one day!?

That’s the odd that. Oh! And I finally got video of bumblebee kicking up a storm in my belly. It’s about time. Only took months to get a good enough video of it happening.

13 thoughts on “*cracks whip* WIPetty WIPetty WIPetty #WIPpetWednesday

  1. I love WIPpet Wednesdays. I love how you write too. I think, I’m going to start to have to read some of your books. I’m not into romance but yours definitely a modern twist to it. I’m hooked.

  2. LOL, Jaclyn! Correcting grammar and all. I like the little bit of body envy you have there. It’s so very common for women to want some other woman’s body. It’s a humanizing detail.

    • Sissy is her sister, which I’m not sure if that was clear. It would have been had I left in the first chunk of the scene, but that would have made for a crazy long post. Grammar has not even been looked at at all. I’m still working on finishing the novel first.

  3. I really liked the way each character’s feelings and authentic voice came out in the scene. Favorite line: “Get your head out of the romance novel . . . ” Made me laugh out loud, for so often reality and romance coincide when we least expect it. Interesting snippet. Hope to see you next week with ‘the rest of the story’.

    • ha yeah I love those two together. They have a definitely sister/sister relationship even though Sissy is 16 years younger than Jaclyn, in some ways she’s far mature and others far more immature.

  4. I wish I got along so well with my sister by birth….but I’ve come to realize that estrangement is the best approach, at least as far as my and my family’s peace goes…

    Interestingly, I’m really curvy, and she…well, not so much…

    Enough about that.

    Hooray for progress, and for the new words, and the bumblebee. Annalise had a habit of rolling away from the sensors every single time they tried to get her heartrate. Even in utero, she was a most determined individual!

    • Eh I don’t have a sister by birth, so you’re at least ahead of me on that. Sometimes it’s just easier not to talk to people on a regular basis.

      New words are always good. 3 more chapters today, and I’m hoping I can finish by tomorrow at the latest. Bumblebee moves constantly. Last time I was in at the office, doc put the doppler on my belly and I laughed and told her she had to move it if she wanted to hear anything because it was too high. She gave me a funny look but moved it lower and there was bumblebee!

      • Annalise always rolled away from the sensors.

        As far as having a sister – I know people say that blood is thicker than water, but I think that’s just a way to make folks feel guilty if they need to separate to keep their personal integrity.

        Not talking to certain family of origin members unless necessary seems to be the best path to peace for me.

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