Pssst did someone say #WIPpetWednesday?

Hey all. I know, I know. I haven’t been around. But I’m working on that. I have at least been writing, this month. I haven’t been writing much in general. This pregnancy thing really threw me for an unexpected loop.

Anyway. I am writing. I’m writing something totally and completely new. It’s called OBlique. It’s a romancey thing. At first, before naming it, I called it “Romancey Thing Take Deux!” but I do have a title now.

I will not make it around to blogs today. I should be able to make rounds tomorrow, so watch out peoples, I’m back for at least one week! w00t!

So how does this work again? It’s been so long…

16 short paragraphs from chapter 1, where my two lovelies meet. My math you ask? 1 x 1 = 1 and 18 – 1 = 17 so there. =P

The crash shook the aisle. Jaclyn spun around and looked toward the end of the store, as far as she could see. Cans of soup were rolling around on the ground. Saying nothing to Donnetta, Jaclyn stepped forward and down the aisle, keeping her eyes open to anything. There was commotion, and while she wanted to help with whatever it was, she also really just wanted to go home to her lonely bowl of cereal and veg on the couch for a few hours.

Dale was leaned over a woman who was pressed against the end cap. She was beautiful with dark locks of hair and a heart shaped face, but she was pale as a ghost. Dale was mumbling crap at her, trying to figure out what to do. He glanced up and sighed relief when he saw Jaclyn standing there.

“Good. Tiny’s here,” he said to everyone who was gathering around.

“Me?” Jaclyn put a hand to her chest before squatting down and reaching for the woman’s wrist. “Ma’am?”

Her eyes popped open, and jade green shone back. Jaclyn bit her cheek and nodded. “Hi. I’m Tiny,” she said, using the nickname she hated, but everyone was standing around and wouldn’t know who she was if said her legal name. “Wanna tell me what happened?”

“I—I’m fine,” she whispered. Her eyes scanned the small crowd, and if it was possible, she grew even paler.

Jaclyn shifted her hand on her wrist and checked her pulse. It was racing, but she couldn’t tell if it was because of embarrassment or something else. “You’re obviously not fine. You’re on the ground.”

“I’m fine,” she said, sternly. “I got dizzy and tried to lean against the cart or the shelf, but I guess I missed.”

“Well, you managed to sit.” Jaclyn crinkled her eyes and nodded her head toward Dale. “Get her some water, will you? And you all can give this lady some room!” The four or five people around her stepped back. Most didn’t leave the vicinity though, that was too much to hope for.

“What’s your name?”


“Kara, I’m Tiny. This is Dale,” she said as he brought back over a plastic cup of water. “Drink this up for me.”

Jaclyn settled her hand on Kara’s thigh and glanced around. She wanted to get rid of the gawkers probably as much as Kara did, but she also knew that wouldn’t happen. Even in a larger small town, this would be the talk of the day. Swallowing, Jaclyn looked back down to find Kara staring at the cup and not having drank any of it.

“Drink up.”

Kara looked as though she was going to protest, but she cringed and took a small sip of the water instead. Jaclyn licked her lips and shook her head.

“Dale, get them out of here, will ya?”

“Got it, Tiny.” He stood up, his bulging belly hanging over his pants which were only held up by the suspenders he wore. “Let’s give her some space. Donnetta, you ready? I’ll check you out right now.”

Well there you go! New story and hopefully a new leaf turned so I’m back to this writing thing. I really need to focus on it now before bumblebee arrives because let’s face it, not much writing will be done then. I have loads going on bookwise still because I write so freakin’ much last year. I have my last release of the year on December 1st, so I’m in the midst of promotion right now, writing this book, editing Lost & Forsaken and doing a print proof on Fallen from Grace. I’m also thinking about this other book I need to write for release this coming October, the sequel to Unbound. So loads and loads going on.

I’ll be stalking you all tomorrow! Catch you on the flip side.

14 thoughts on “Pssst did someone say #WIPpetWednesday?

  1. I missed you! And congratulations on the baby!!! I’m so excited for you. I’m loving this new book. I’m sensing a cold-blooded person who likes to drink blood ;) *hint *hint maybe? anyways welcome back A!

  2. Yay! I’m already loving Jaclyn and Kara. And poor Kara, I’ve had that experience of making a ruckus in the grocery store (different reason, but no less embarrassing!).

    • I worked in a grocery store for 6 years. The number of this I dropped/crashed into/made noise about is insane and it’s embarrassing every time, especially when you have to clean up your own mess!

  3. My first ‘bumblebee’ turned 14 a couple of months back. He’s bigger than me by a bit more than a bit, and says, in a midrange man-voice, “I’m coming for Dad, next”.

    So cliche to say it goes by so fast, and I never would have believed it when I first saw that ten-pound-plus bumblebee, but, well….

    It’s so true. And, if it helps, I’ve been able to write progressively more each year since they were 8 and 5. Now, at 14 and 11, I have a great deal of time for writing and the other stuff, too.

    Jaclyn and Kara already have chemistry! Right there amid the rolling cans. I’m sold! =)

    May you be blessed with a calm tummy and a healthy little bumblebee in the making. =)

    • I can’t decide if during my maternity leave if I’ll be writing like a maniac or passed out in a closet somewhere to escape lol It remains to be seen, could be both depending on the day. I never take time off work, so I’m sure I’ll want to fill the time somehow.

      Jaclyn and Kara have loads of chemistry. Chemistry be not the issue for them lol but I digress, spoiler. =P

      • My guess is you may spend a lot of time staring at the whole complete person that came out of your body. Because, I don’t care how many billions of times it’s happened; it’s still amazing.

        And the closet? No escape whatsoever.

        I wanted to write when he was a baby, but he consumed me, and nursed a lot, and laptops weren’t in our budget then…

        I suspect the bumblebee will fill your time up nicely, and then some. =)

        I can’t wait to see what the issue or issues is/are. I have a suspicion, but…I like to wait and see…

      • I’m not sure how much I want to reveal in teens of the issues. I know the big one won’t be but there’s little ones that get brought out pretty early on.

  4. I’m not sure what’s wrong with “Romancey Thing Take Deux!” as a title. It’s quite awesome, actually. ;)

    I’m laughing because I used to work in a small town grocery store, the owner’s name was Dale, and just your brief description fit him to a ‘T’. Except my Dale usually worked in the meat department and always had his bloody apron on.

    • haha well my first romancey thing was tentatively titled MILFy thing for months until I came up with a proper title. Somehow I don’t think my publisher would like either! She also vetoed my blurb of “that bitch is craycray” saying it was too short. Ha! I asked if I could use it as a tag line and she said no too. It was a very sad day. =(

      Anyway!! I worked at a grocery store with two Dales, one fits the physical description and the other the personality. Love them both, although the physical description dude never wore suspenders when he really really really REALLY should have.

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