Back to Camping! #WIPpetWednesday #ghoststories

Hey all,

So I decided to go back to camping. I need to get writing again, and I’m hoping this will help with my motivation. What this means is we’re back to the ghost story novella I started working on months and months ago. If you don’t remember, or weren’t around then, Kay is a Ranger at Glacier National Park, and she’s telling all the newb rangers an awesome ghost story. They’re sitting around a campfire, chatting it all up.

With this story, I was taking it scene by scene, from beginning until I finished writing and editing and it was ready for submission. So as I reminder–here we were the last time I posted.

“You’re just telling lies,” Jackson said.

“Fine,” Kay countered. “If I’m telling lies, then I’m telling lies. I’m not going to try and convince you.”

That was mostly because she didn’t truly believe the legend herself. Kay hadn’t every seen this Eira-ghost person anyway. She’d only heard the same stories she was telling and then the continue stories from the previous two years she’d been a ranger there. Certainly that should give her some credit in terms of how truthful what she said was. Apparently with Jackson it gave her nothing.

And now for the new part. 16 sentences. My math goes like this. 19 – 2 – 1 = 16 ;-)

Kay leaned down on her log and wrapped her arms around her legs, staring off into the fire. Slowly she shut out everyone around her and focused on the sounds of the forest and the flames in front of her. It calmed and soothed her, giving her breath when she thought she had none. It was going to be a long summer. They were predicting bad fires from the dry winter, and already it was freezing outside. Shivering as the temperature dropped, Kay focused on nothing other than her own thoughts.

Jackson was an ass. She sighed. Hopefully they’d get along well enough to make it through the summer, and hopefully he wouldn’t be the disappearing kind who’d only make it the first two weeks and crap out on them. Glancing around the fire, she scrunched her nose and dug the toe of her boot into the dirt.

Without another word, she stood up and sauntered back to her bunkhouse. She was glad she’d brought extra blankets. She’d need them for a bit. Shuffling around in her room, she made herself at home and then slipped onto the tiny cot. Closing her eyes, Kay smiled. She was home, home again for at least one more summer.

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14 thoughts on “Back to Camping! #WIPpetWednesday #ghoststories

  1. It sounds like Jackson’s got a little under Kay’s skin. I’m not surprised, rude git that he is. *shakes fist* Aside from him though, the place sounds almost serene… the way you describe the scene, I’m not surprised she’s happy there. :)

    • It’s so serene. One of my favorite places to visit. I miss living so close to it. And yeah, Jackson’s an ass. He’ll be around for the rest of the story too lol

  2. I love that she thinks of it as her home! How lovely. :-)

    And Jackson is an unpleasant fellow for sure. He seems a little short on imagination and the ability to tell a good story from the truth. He makes me laugh a little, because my Aspie had a similar reaction to Santa when she was little. I got some dirt, dirty looks in Home Depot that year.

    • I was happy finding the easter bunny wasn’t real because a giant 6 foot bunny creeped the crap out of me! lol

      It is definitely her home, which makes the rest of what’s going to happen so important lol.

      • We don’t do Santa in our home, but when she was 4 a stupid TV show convinced Reader he was real. It bugged me like crazy, so finally I sat her down and told her about the REAL St. Nicholas, emphasizing that he died just like everyone else dies and that the presents she got were from living people who love and appreciate her. She accepted it when presented like that, but then we went to Home Depot and there was a massive Santa Snow Globe. At the very top of her lungs, she shouted, “THAT’S A LIE. SANTA IS DEAD!” You can imagine the rest from there…

  3. I remember this one! And I’ve got a feeling Kay will soon have her own stories to tell…true ones!

    You’ve painted a lovely scene, other than that One Guy….

    And, ReGi made me laugh, because my daughter was actually relieved to lean that no scary elf was sneaking into our house….

    And THAT gives me an idea for a TnT story…stay tuned!

  4. Great snippet. I love sitting around the fire, especially when it’s chilly out, and blocking out everything but the sounds and smell of it. I can so relate. And Jackson… let’s just tie his sleeping bag shut and hang him in a tree, shall we?

    • haha should we stick some food in the bottom of it for the bears as well? It is one of my favorite parts about camping, being that surrounded by nature. It’s such a peaceful feeling.

  5. Ooooh, Jackson, tsk tsk tsk!!! :-)

    Lovely description of the forest, campfire, and the moment!! That’s why I love the season of autumn. when I get a chance to be at a bonfire / campfire I will!! :-)

    • I’m so used to do that in Summer. It’s wait too cold in fall to do it. But I’m also from a place where the temp drops crazy at night. I miss camping and I definitely miss bonfires. =D Thanks for stopping by!

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