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I love ghost stories! I really do. Used to read them all the time as a kid. I almost didn’t post today. You see, this week is my birthday week, and tomorrow we’re heading out of town to go see Wicked in Denver. I’m crazy excited. I’ll be out of town, Thursday and Friday for that fun, home for a smidge on Friday and then gone again on Saturday for some training in Wichita. Crazy busy month for me. I think I’ll be driving to Wichita 4 or 5 times this month alone. It’s insane.

I haven’t been doing really any writing for almost two weeks. I haven’t worked on Grace, which I would love to finish up since there are only three and a half chapters left to write. I haven’t worked on this little number I’m sharing today. I did manage to write about 4k words on a short story, but I haven’t picked it up since and haven’t touched it or thought about it really other than “Hey, I should finish that!”

I’m not sure why I’m in such a lull, but it does seem to happen with me. I think I push myself and burn out and then need a few months to recuperate. What sucks, is that I have this novel that only has three AND A HALF! chapters until it’s done. My bet is if I were to sit down and focus I could probably tap that one out on the keyboard at least.

I’m not doing ROW80 today because I haven’t done anything on it! =P Also why I didn’t do it on Sunday, which was an INSANE day for me. I think it was as packed as I could possibly make it and then some. Anyway, enough rambling for now. Here’s the WIPpet.

WIPpet Wednesday is where you post a snippet from your WIP (Work in Progress) on your blog on Wednesday. The only hard fast rule is that it has to correlate to the date somehow. So for the 3rd day of June, you get 3 paragraphs from this temporarily named thing “Glacial Freeze”

“You’re just telling lies,” Jackson said.

“Fine,” Kay countered. “If I’m telling lies, then I’m telling lies. I’m not going to try and convince you.”

That was mostly because she didn’t truly believe the legend herself. Kay hadn’t every seen this Eira-ghost person anyway. She’d only heard the same stories she was telling and then the continue stories from the previous two years she’d been a ranger there. Certainly that should give her some credit in terms of how truthful what she said was. Apparently with Jackson it gave her nothing.

And that’s all you get! Hope to see you around! I should be sneaking through all your WIPpets this afternoon when I have internet again. ta ta for now

13 thoughts on “Campfire #Wippetwednesday #WIPpet #Ghoststories

  1. It’s a campfire, and it’s a ghost story, and… what the hey if she’s telling a tall tale. That’s what campfires are for! Jackson clearly hasn’t got a great sense of humor.

  2. Jackson needs to leave. Right now. Leave the circle of friends around the campfire and be gone if you can’t get into the moment. Maybe the ghost will find him.

  3. Heh. I agree with the others. There’s no reason to knock a story. It’s not like Kay was claiming it was gospel truth anyway. Just telling a story. Maybe he has a hyper-defensive response to ghost stories, though. Maybe something happened when he was a kid.

  4. When I first started reading (late elementary/middle school) I loved mysteries and scary stories. And I love when a ghost story/legend is part of a story and something about it has a big impact on the story (especially when somehow it is true, but not exactly as everyone expected).

    Of course, as a person in such a situation I’d totally wet myself/freak. Personally, I’d totally hate being such a situation, so just don’t tell me where I’m walking into is haunted! ;)

  5. Stories seem at their hardest to finish when you’ve only got a couple of chapters left, don’t they? Something about the finality of finishing it, even though we know it’s definitely NOT the end for it…

    Kay’s response to Jackson is great — and a whole lot patient than I’d be. Now I’m just gonna sulk a little because your snippet was short, fun and very intriguing, and now I have to wait to find out what happens, haha.

    • Actually I normally don’t have an issue with the last few chapters but I think I just tired myself out and needed a break.

      Kay is definitely more patient than I’d be! Hopefully I’ll have a few more lines for this coming week

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