Excitement of Creation #ROW80 and #WIPpetWednesday

Good morning! As I mentioned when I first posted these goals that they were the goals through April at least. It looks like they’re going to last until about halfway through May too, so I’ll keep them up until they need to change.

1. Write 3k words a day on Lost & Forsaken until finished.

Sunday: 0
Monday: 4024
Tuesday: 3057

This gives me a total of 43,612, meaning I have only about 6.5k more to write to finish out Camp NaNo! The Camp NaNo site says I only need about 2100 words to finish on time. I disagree with it since there are only two days left, but I do believe I shall accomplish Camp. I had to split a chapter recently and that made me fall a bit behind. But it feels SO GOOD to be over halfway done with this novel

2. Edit 2 chapters a day on Her Run for Rachael

3. Edit 2 chapters a day on shorts for Kaden

Goal was to yesterday do two and today do four, but that didn’t happen. Perhaps today I will get some of this done. I need to stop procrastinating on it for sure.

4. Edit 1 chapter a day on Unbound: Book One of Quarter Life which is my own thing that’s supposed to be coming out in Oct.

Pfffft….I’m getting so behind in this it’s not even funny. But it doesn’t really matter because, well, I have so much time for it! I did, however, get my cover done. Thanks to the awesome Stacy for doing it for me!

Unbound COVER2

Also!! In other awesome and amazing news!!! My publisher put up Memoir in the Making a few days early on the publishers site. I’m so excited for this piece to finally be out. Probably because I love it and because it’s been so long since I’ve had a book release. I’ve forgotten what it tastes like! I’m hoping for great things for Memoir in the Making. It’s my fifth book to be released, but it’s a new to be genre, meaning I’m not sure if it will. Here’s to hoping. *fingers crossed*


Now onto WIPpet! I debated whether or not to post a WIPpet today. I reveal my huge secret about said novel on the FB page tomorrow, meaning I can share it everywhere tomorrow afternoon. But it’s not tomorrow yet. So what to do? I haven’t really worked on anything but the novel since I’m trying to catch up with Camp NaNo. I did submit some shorts to Chicken Soup for the Soul, but those are personal, so I’d rather not share them, so it leaves me in a bit of a pickle. What to share with you all today!

What you get is ten lines from the short story I was working on before that I still haven’t finished because I’m unsure if I like it or not. In response to the posts last week…Cheska (the POV character) and Kapri are on a science research vessel for a hellishly long time to research geomagnetic storms. They had finally found one after sixty days of searching, sort of. They were in the afterwaves of the storm and not the storm proper. This following scene happens after that.

For those of you new to this, WIPpet Wednesday is where we all post excerpts from our works in progress. There’s only two hard fast rules. One link your WIPpet to the rest right here. And two, your excerpt has to related to the date in some form or fashion, so get creative with the math.

Like I said, ten sentences for April 29th, 2015. Taking the 4 + the 5 + the 1 = 10

“You’ve done this before, though.”

“Not like this.”

I shook my head. “Not like what?”

Kapri groaned and pushed up from my cot, walking away. My stomach dropped and I followed her, dropping my bowl to the metal floor. I trailed closely behind her and stopped when she grabbed her own back of gunk to mix with water.

“Not like what?” I repeated.

“Drop it,” Kapri said, her voice low and threatening.

“No. I’m sorry, but it’s been sixty days of hell in here with you. You don’t talk, you don’t do anything except work, you barely even look at me. I get that you’re passionate, but everyone needs a break now and then.”


“No, I won’t stop.” Desperation flooded my tone, my eyes watered and my voice cracked. “What’s different this time around? What’s so fucking different!?”


16 thoughts on “Excitement of Creation #ROW80 and #WIPpetWednesday

  1. Ooh! Well, that’s some good tension. I’m imagining the shock sinking in for Cheska here. I’m really digging this space exploration story. These two intrigue me.

  2. Eep! Erm… They’ve a bit of talking to do, haven’t they? Either that or they get to lapse into the world’s most awkward silence and try to pretend they don’t see or hear each other for the rest of their mission.


      Air sucked from my lungs, my cheeks stung and I gaped. I had to swallow twice and clear my throat before I could even form one word, but I didn’t know what word to say. I floundered. I didn’t even know what she had meant, but I knew exactly what I wanted her to mean.

      Her gaze was sharp, and she wouldn’t look away. I did the only thing I could think of and stepped forward into the bubble I was sure would burst and send me flying back into the wall of the tiny vessel. My lips grazed hers, barely touching.

      She grabbed my face and pulled me in closer to her, smashing our mouths together. Heat flashed through me and my muscles in my core clenched involuntarily. I held on to her shirt, fisting the fabric between my fingers and tugging to keep upright.

      Then there will be awkward silence and maybe some talking after this =P

  3. I guess sixty days is long enough for the ‘getting to know you’ phase, if you’re all alone!

    And that Cheska sure doesn’t waste time, does she?! HAWT!!!!

    I missed the previous snippet(s)? but sure did love catching this one!

    Congratulations on the release. I love both of these covers, by the way! =)

  4. Nice piece here. You really should finish it. And no… as a reader, I do not think spacing is a viable option. The silence would be a LOT more awkward after something like that.

    • My mom is a scientist, so maybe I’m stealing it from her. I knew people who can get that engrossed in one topic for sure! 3700 words to go to get to 50k and 1 day. Totally doable.

  5. I love it when the thing different is a person. It’s one of those things that always makes me happy and say “heck yeah!” However, it can be so hard to pull off. Just reading this bit I get the sense you managed it, though. :)

    Sorry for taking forever to visit one of your WIPpets.

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