Goals for 2015 #amwriting #amreading

Back in December I wrote a post talking about my goals for 2015, kind of a general post of what I wanted to accomplish. Since the first quarter ended and I got a bit behind because of life (that darn Easter thing again), I thought I’d update you all now instead of waiting another month or two. I made goals for reading and writing. (PS if you wanted to look at the previous post, it’s right here!) They’re below:

Reading – more books than last year, so more than 25

Writing –

Grace through Redemption (Spirit of Grace #3)
Bronzed Mask
De-Termination (The Second Quarter Life)

Thus far in 2015, I’ve not done so well on my “goals” but it’s not as though I’ve been doing nothing at all.

Reading — I’ve read 7/26 books so far. Reading has taken a back seat at the moment because of the insanity of life. Oh and my editing business on the side that I had intended on closing up this year booming. I still have 7 months to read 19 books. I think I shall achieve this goal.

Writing — here’s where it gets sticky

Grace through Redemption (Spirit of Grace #3) was written and finished in January. It’s currently in the beta reading process.
Bronzed Mask – not started
De-Termination (The Second Book of Quarter Life) – not started

Lost & Forsaken — Should be finished writing it in early May
The Domme (cowritten with Rachael Orman) — should be finished by June — also we need a title for this piece =P


I mentioned that I wanted to publish 2-3 books per year, and I’ve succeeded in that this year.

Memoir in the Making — releases May 1, 2015
Fallen from Grace (Spirit of Grace #2) — releases June 1, 2015
Unbound (Quarter Life #1) — releases October 1, 2015

I’ve also had two short stories in some anthologies, which I’m hoping to be doing more of in the next few years.

“Energy Feed–Quarter Life short” in Love is a Mess — released Jan 3, 2015
“A Blizzard’s Blow” in Young Love, Old Hearts — releases May 1, 2015


Tell me what you think. I wanna know!

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