Oh boy…#WIPpetWednesday

So I’m trying to get back into this whole writing thing. I can come up with excuse after excuse for why I haven’t been writing, but it was really my own laziness, I think. That and stress. Anyway, my goal is to write 50k words toward this new super secret (ha!) novel I’m working on for Camp NaNo, and due to above excuses, I’m just starting today. That means I have to write about 3,000 words a day in order to finish in time. Not impossible for me, but not going to be ridiculously easy to.

So I’m going to dive into this #ROW80 and #WIPpet stuff again. HOWEVER! This is supposed to be a super secret project, which I’m not entirely sold on how that’s going to work in terms of WIPpet, so this shall be interesting. But I need some accountability people! So yell at me if I’m not writing every day.

ROW80 goals for the rest of April!

1. Write 3k words a day on Lost & Forsaken

2. Edit 2 chapters a day on Her Run for Rachael

3. Edit 2 chapters a day on shorts for Kaden

4. Edit 1 chapter a day on Unbound: Book One of Quarter Life which is my own thing that’s supposed to be coming out in Oct.


aaaaaand here’s my WIPpet for today. If you can all guess why this thing is secret from this, I’ll be damned impressed. No context. This is from the first chapter of the book so there isn’t much anyway. I’m giving you 4 paragraphs for the month of April. Simple math for me today.


He didn’t want to set them off, to make them angry. They weren’t fun when they were angry. They weren’t fun most of the time, but when he made they mad they really took it out on him. Harold clutched his hand to his chest and glanced back at the tree several times as he ran in the other direction. He had to get away, but they were everywhere. [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS]

He sniffled in the cold morning hair, drops of water running down his nose and from his eyes. Harold ran again in a new direction than the one he had been going in. They hadn’t ever wanted to take him before, but this time they definitely wanted to take him. He choked on his spit as he moved as fast as he could through the streets.

His feet hurt. They scuffled along the ground and scraped on the asphalt when he dodged out into the street. He blinked the tears out of his eyes and shook his head, grinding his teeth together in an attempt to stave off the pain. If they caught him, there would be more pain than he could ever imagine. That was what happened the last time, so it certainly would happen again.

Stepping up back onto the curb and the smooth cement, Harold pushed onward. He made it down to the school, where he knew they were buried. He blinked rapidly in their direction and then changed his one more time. Why he had run there, he had no idea, but running to them was a bad idea. Running to them would get him hurt, or worse yet, killed. Harold zigzagged again and went as fast as he could away from the football field. He needed to get away, far away.

That’s all folks! Oh and I’m about 800 words shy of my 3k goal for today, so I think I’ll be hitting that in the next thirty minutes or so. If you want to join in either of these awesome events, check out the websites. ROW80 is here and this WIPpet thing is here and is run but Kathi who kicks more ass than Janni. =P The only rules to WIPpet is to make your post related to the date somehow. Pretty easy rule, right? Now! Go forth and write!

18 thoughts on “Oh boy…#WIPpetWednesday

  1. Great WIPpet – I wanted to start that up again this month, too, but I figured that ROW80 and the A to Z Challenge were enough. Best of luck on your progress this week. :)

  2. Okay… first things first. You’ve finished that 3K, right? Good, just wanted to make sure.

    Now… I have confess, I didn’t … sense it. I mean, there was definitely a sense of fear, a sense of urgency. Maybe it’s the part you redacted for spoliers…. I just couldn’t understand why he had to run.

    • I did reply to this yesterday, but I guess it didn’t go through =( I did hit the 3k, probably 20 minutes after I posted this. Which is awesome. Now to do that again this morning!!

      The part I redacted for spoilers doesn’t have much to do with why he’s running; it just give something away to connect it to what I’m trying to hide as of yet. This is going to get really interesting if I really truly try hard to keep the secret lol

      We won’t know why he’s running for awhile. For a tid bit of context, this is a (I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to say this without making it a spoiler because smart people be smart!) Harold goes missing. That’s all I’m going to say. He goes missing, this is probably the only scene from his POV (there may be one more or two but likely only the one). I hope that helps.

      I might give up this secret business soon.

  3. I feel left out of the secret. And I do my best not to yell at anyone.

    However, I gave Kathi a challenge that’s maybe perfect for you – for every 10k you write, you can give me a word to use for TnT – they’ll be back for Story a Day May, so you can have a word each day, then, until I catch up to you.

    Would that help? I don’t know the secret yet, but I can provide some geeky motivation! LLAP!

    • haha yeah well…there are only 4 people who know this secret so far. Regi just happened to be caught up in that and my publisher is one and Amy is another. I’m not sure if you all know the fourth, but yeah. I don’t keep secrets like this well, so I’m sure it’ll all unravel soon enough.

      One word for 10k? I may have to take you up on this. I shall think about it! =P

      The secret is….nope, not yet =P It’ll probably have to happen soon because I’m going to have a seriously hard time finding parts to post from each week if I don’t.

      • I guess I can wait then….in the meantime, I guess I can finish Transitions, start Generations, and try to put off the Vulcan in my head till next month…(as if she’ll go for THAT!).

        If you decide to take my one word for 10K challenge, just shoot me a word list sometime before May starts, and then add to it along the way. I will write one story each day, and I will include one word each day, starting May 1, until I catch up.

        Incentive for you, and an extra prompt for me, and Trip and T’Pol goodness for everyone! What’s not to love?!

  4. I do get a sense of tension here, but from a distance. I don’t feel sunk in Harold’s skin. But you’ve piqued my interest and now I want to know what he’s running from, why, the history and the outcome.

    And Shan’s challenge was very motivational. And fun. If I ever reclaim all the words I tossed, I’ll take her up on it again. ;)

    • The history is there in the redacted part which makes more of a connection in some ways. =P *being vague is HARD*

      You must reclaim them! =D Eventually

  5. I promise not to give anything away. :) Yeah, I do like the tension here. You did a great job putting this in his POV. And that’s all I’ll say so I don’t spoil it!

    • It was hard to write his POV because of things (of which you may be able to guess), but it was also fun and really nice to see the (SPOILER) from a different POV. =P

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