Just another update #ROW80

I haven’t had the greatest weekend. It was the first time in a while that I woke up yesterday, stared at my computer and actually decided not to write. I just couldn’t find the head space to do it. There has been loads of drama and conflict going on at work since Friday morning, and it’s not been fun. Friday and Saturday are my weekend, so much for that. Anyway…my writing is slacking a bit.

In other news, I realized that if I write 3,000 words a day I should finish this novel in the first few days of February. It would be awesome if I did that, seeing as how the second week in February I’ll be gone at a conference for work stuff. This novel I’m writing wasn’t supposed to be released until June 1, 2016, but I have a feeling it might be released before then.

I’m already sending chapters to beta readers. They’re on Chapter 2 at the moment, I’m writing chapter 10 (there’s 15 total without the prologue and epilogue, and I’m still not sold on having an epilogue). This year, for 2015, I decided to keep track of all the words I write for the entire year. I’m just 2k words shy of writing 50k words this year already. If I keep that up every month, damn I’ll write a lot of works. I doubt I’ll keep it up every month because there needs to be time for revisions and editing, but still, I think it’s pretty awesome.

Last week I was sort of stuck on Grace through Redemption. I’d hit my 30k word slosh fest. But I am proud to report that I’m now over 50k words in it. Meaning, the novel is over halfway written and I’m out of the slosh fest. This next chapter will be fun to write. It’s all about Santa.

Anyway, onto the update.

  • write 1667 words a day
    • Wednesday — 2297
    • Thursday — 2843
    • Friday — 3328
    • Saturday — 0
  • Blog posts each week:ROW80,WIPpet, Open When, and 1 extra post
    • I did every since post this week, including one extra Open When. This means I’m all caught up on my Open When posts from when I slacked in November (now I just have to type them out on my typewriter). My extra post this coming week will be another writing taboos posts. It should go live tomorrow.
  • Audio: Record/Edit a chapter a week
    • Haven’t touched this goal yet. My computer keeps randomly crashing, so I’m nervous about doing anything of this magnitude on it. I don’t want to do it and then lose it.

5 thoughts on “Just another update #ROW80

  1. Work stuff can be a real challenge. You’ve done amazing so far. You’ve more than earned some time off. Hope you have a good week.

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