Open when you need a laugh… #openwhen #loveletter

IMG_6680I think it’s ironic that on this day, a day I should need a laugh the most, this is the topic I chose months ago. We’re already so in tune! I don’t even know where to begin. I could tell you a few jokes, but they would probably be lame and not as funny as I think they are. Besides, it’s a lot funnier if I get to tell them in person.


If you really want to smirk and giggle at something, remember that time when we were in Montana, and my mom was there, and she put cortisone cream on her toothbrush instead of toothpaste and then proceeded to try and brush her teeth for a few quick seconds? Oh yeah, that was funny.


I know that’s make fun of other people and it’s a bit tasteless, but damn it was funny. I think I had tears in my eyes for like an hour afterward. When you need a laugh, love, go turn on some movie you’ll know I’ll hate because of the type of humor and watch it. In fact, do a marathon of those types of movies. You can use this note as a one-day free pass to watch them in my presence so long as you don’t expect me to pay attention to them as well!

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