A quick update on a busy weekend #ROW80

Hey all!

My weekend went from semi-busy to crazy busy in the span of about 4 hours. Friday I was supposed to have a half day off, usually it’s a full day off, but I ended up driving four hours to Wichita and 4 hours home. Saturday I had a funeral, and today I have a very full day. So…that means my writing has been lacking.

  • write 1667 words a day
    • Wednesday – 2024
    • Thursday – 3612
    • Friday – 3078
    • Saturday – 0
  • Blog posts each week:ROW80,WIPpet, Open When, and 1 extra post
    • This one gets fun. I did this all this week. Since today starts a new week blog wise…it’s going to be crazy. I have a post for every day this coming week.
  • Audio: Record/Edit a chapter a week
    • Didn’t do this yet.


That’s my quick update for today. I’ll hopefully have a more extensive one on Wednesday. I plan on taking some afternoons off this week to make up for my lack of time off this past week. Here’s to hoping I get the chance to do that.

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