Christmas Eve isn’t as relaxed as it used to be #ROW80 & #WIPpetWednesday

Christmas Eve isn’t a break for me like it used to be. I was just telling the SO the other day that it’s a bit weird not having a Christmas break from like when I was in school because I don’t really know when everyone is done for the semester.

Today is one of my busiest days of the year. And today…oh boy today…It starts around 5:30 in the morning and goes until close to midnight. So I won’t be checking on blogs today, or probably tomorrow. I might get to them on Friday, but I get to drive my mom to the airport Friday, which is a 2 hour drive one way. And Saturday I have a funeral.

Long busy week for this writer! =P

But the good news is, I have been writing. So here’s my ROW80 check in.

1. Write 1667 words a day.

Sun: 0
Mon: 2683
Tues: 2476

2. keep up with all blog posts ROW80, WIPpet, Open When and add in 1 extra post a week

I’ve managed this so far! Just need to finish Open When twice this week. Tomorrow and Saturday. =P

3. Edit at least one chapter a week on something.

I’ve edited two chapters from Amya’s Take Out, my short stories that are companion pieces to For by Grace.

4. crochet one round of border a week

Now, for WIPpet Wednesday ::rubs hands together::

This excerpt is from Grace but not from Grace. I’ve decided to write a series of short stories in companion to For by Grace. I’m not sure if I’ll do it with the other two books in the series. I might, but … who knows. I might know more when I actually do the final edit of Fallen from Grace which should be happening soon.

Anyway. Thus far this week, I’ve written two of these short stories and edited to more. So I have like 5000 words to pick from! Yay! Today you get 3 paragraphs from “Office Hours” for the 12 month because 1 + 2 = 3

I must admit, it’s crazy weird to be writing from Amya’s POV and it’s crazy weird not to have Grace in some of the stories at all. I think that’s why I’ve put off writing these stories for so long. It’s just weird not to have the MC in the world you’ve created and written solely from for YEARS not be there at all.

Anyway, here you go! 3 paragraphs.

Grace turned to leave the room, but Amya couldn’t let her go at that. There was something in the air that hadn’t been cleared, something that needed to be. Amya tugged Grace back, walking into her body and pressing her against the office wall. She cupped Grace’s cheek with her free hand, keeping the one still entwined with Grace’s in place.

“I really like you, Grace.”

When Grace said nothing in response, Amya thought she had stepped too far over the invisible barrier they were fighting with, but when Grace slid a hand up her back, she knew she’d done the right thing. Grace’s mouth descended onto hers, and Amya let out a small moan when they touched. Grace pulled Amya tightly into her, and Amya relaxed, waiting to feel completely taken over by Grace, more so than she already was.

Thanks for stopping by! If you’re interested in joining in WIPpet Wednesday, write up a post with an excerpt from your current work in progress. Make that excerpt somehow correlate to the date and then link up the blog post with all the others right here.

19 thoughts on “Christmas Eve isn’t as relaxed as it used to be #ROW80 & #WIPpetWednesday

  1. What a schedule you have this week! Wow.

    And double WOW! for this scene from Amya’s POV. It’s always fun to see our regular MCs through some other character’s eyes.

  2. I love the concept of writing short stories about secondary characters in a longer work. I did it for one of my stories, and it felt great to give those minor characters a chance to tell their stories. It was clear they didn’t see themselves as “minor characters.” It also added new layers to the longer story.

    Great excerpt. Happy holidays!

    • Amya isnt really a minor charactsr but everything is from Grace’s POV. I know a lot of people were curious about what it is sge does so thats why i started then. That and shes the more romantic of the two

  3. I love your intense romantic scenes. I feel kind of out the loop what everyone else is saying, though. I think I need to read the books and find out for myself. Great excerpt. A little of topic but widget allows you to the do the word count of your novels like the one on your sidebar?

  4. Love it! I felt a bit if fear in that very moment when Amya confessed her feelings. That moment when you’re risking rejection. That’s a terrifying place. Nice job.

  5. Grace is so tough and cynical….Amya seems to have a different, more optimistic type of strength. I love the way she walks into Grace while holding her hand and caressing her cheek. Tough and sweet and brave, all together.


    I hope you get to relax a little after tomorrow. For a minute or two, anyway!

    And I’ve been thinking about some shorter stories as companions to my longer works, too. I’ll be interested to see how it works out for you!

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