The game of life #ROW80 update

Ahhh. It’s Sunday morning, and I’m finally doing my Sunday ROW80 update post, for the first time in two weeks! Life got in the way, but that’s the game of it I think. I’m getting back on track slowly, but it’s still all a work in progress. Which, I do believe, is yet another point of life.

I announced on Wednesday that I have a story releasing on 12/15, and I’m gearing up for that. It’s a co-written short story, which makes it very interesting to say the least. We’re both working to promote it, but at the same time, it’s a short story, so not as much as if it were a novel. We are also co-writing a novel, and that seems to be going very well.

We have a release blitz for Loneliness Ebbs Deep, the short story, if anyone wants to join in!

As for the rest of life, things are going. After much thought, I’ve decided I need to focus on editing right now instead of writing. I’m still writing, but not on my own work. My original plan was to finish Grace through Redemption before the new year, but I got a bit behind in editing. I don’t want to end up even more behind than I already am, so that’s my focus. I think it’s reasonable.

As for the novel I’m co-writing…we have added words this week. Not much as my partner was in the midst of final edits and I’m in the midst of many editing projects. But words were written! Here we go for the rest of the check in.

1. Write 1667 words a day.

We’re at 27382 in word count and going. My guess is we’ll get back on track and do a lot of writing this coming week.

2. keep up with all blog posts ROW80, WIPpet, Open When and add in 1 extra post a week

I’m doing much better at this. I did ROW80 twice this week, WIPpet, and I had 2 extra posts. I did not, however, doing Open When. I’ll need to write a months worth of them to make up for being behind.

3. Edit at least one chapter a week on something.

I’m going to list these out to make it easier.

Ella’s Love: 0 chapters edited and 23 chapters to go
Spellbound: 0 chapters edited and 11 chapters to go
Round 1: 12 chapters done 13 chapters to go
Round 2: 5 chapters done 22 chapters to go
PTB: 1 chapter done

4. crochet one round of border a week

I have not done this, but it still does need to get done.

14 thoughts on “The game of life #ROW80 update

  1. I keep thinking that I want to start crocheting again. I sure don’t know when I will fit that into my schedule, but it is still a thought. Best wishes with all of your goals. Some weeks are better than others, but it all works out in the end!

  2. Do you ever wonder what those of us who heap the projects on our plate would do if our plate was every truly empty? LOL That would probably last all of a minute, and we’d go back for more.

    • My husband thought that on e summer hit i would have time because no school. I laughed. Hes quickly learning i always find more projects. Im not goid at relaxing abd i dont enjoy it. Or rather my form of relaxation is doing something fun

  3. I tried to teach myself to crochet, but just got frustrated. Kudos to you and all other crocheter, kniters, etc.!! :-)

    Anyway, I hope your week is awesome!!

  4. I once cut off a pair of pants into shorts, but they were a little bit too short. So, I crocheted an edging around the cut-off ends to add the length I wanted, and a little bit of frill to them. I loved those pants! But time passes and bodies change, and I don’t have those pants anymore. Maybe I should pick up crochet again ….

  5. Wow, you certainly like to keep busy! The joint projects sound great. I’m working on an anthology with two other writers and am pretty excited about it. Have fun with editing. I used to avoid it like the plague, but now I’m enjoying it more and more! :-)

    • I definitely like to keep busy! co-writing is an interesting project. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn’t. It seems to be working very well this time around. I’ll always have something to edit, and I don’t usually mind it. But I’m doing so much of it lately–that’s when I start to mind it.

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