Failures and Successes #WIPpetWednesday & #ROW80

Well here I am on another Wednesday, and this one is filled with failures and with successes. Most of that will come out in my ROW80 post, so I guess I’ll do it first.

Basically, what happened, was I took too much on at once and something had to give. I was trying to keep up at it all and failing miserably at doing that. So I gave on writing. It’s something I can afford to give on right now, so that’s what did it. I’ve had 3 copy edits this whole month. Luckily I finished the first half of one, but that left the other two still in progress. Likewise, it’s NaNoWriMo … and I got copy-edits back on my own novel. So all in all…here’s a list of projects I’ve been somewhat working on this entire month.

Writing Memoir in the Making
Editing Memoir in the Making
Writing Grace through Redemption
Editing my novel Fallen from Grace
Editing Mara White’s book The Delivery
Editing Jasmine Lee’s book Ella’s Love
Editing S. K. Hart’s book Spellbound

That’s on top of my regular job…which has been pretty unbusy these past couple of weeks. *knock on wood*

Since I didn’t post my update on Sunday…you’ll get a full week’s update in this one singular awesome update.

1. Write 1667 words a day.

Wed: 2084
Thurs: 1974
Fri: 0
Sat: 0
Sun: 0
Mon: 0
Tues: 0

2. keep up with all blog posts ROW80, WIPpet, Open When and add in 1 extra post a week

I have not kept up with any posts this past week. In fact…I wasn’t even able to make up the post from the week before. The only post I’ve done thus far this week, is this one. *sigh* I’ll have to fix that, but I’m thinking next week.

3. Edit at least one chapter a week on something. Will start with Unbound and a copy-edit I have due this month.

HERE! The one place progress has been made!

Editing Memoir in the Making — finished all 25 chapters first round on this and 2 chapters 2nd round. Goal is to get this to the publisher by Dec 1st for a late spring release…
Editing Jasmine Lee’s book Ella’s Love — Finally making good progress on this. I hit halfway on page count and up to chapter 10 (there’s 23 chapters). I hope to have this done and finished by Thursday
Editing S. K. Hart’s book Spellbound — Finished chapters 8-10 yesterday and sent this section back to the author

4. crochet one round of border a week

Still not done. Maybe tomorrow when there’s no work!

As you can see…not a lot of progress but loads of progress in one area. As I said on Facebook today, something had to give. It was writing because it was the easiest one to give up on for a bit. It was unnecessary. Editing is part of my paid work, so it needed to happen. I’m hoping to go back into editing today or tomorrow depending on how much editing I get done on Ella’s Love. If I hit my 5 chapter minimum a day before three, I’ll definitely try to spend some time writing tonight. If not–I’ll focus on editing.

I may not have been writing much this past week, but I have been doing writing work. And that’s just as important.

Now…onto WIPpet Wednesday.

This is where it gets interesting. What to draw on, since I haven’t written and have spent countless hours in editing my own work. I’ve decided…. =P

You’ll be getting an excerpt from Grace through Redemption today. This is from the first chapter, Of Thieves and Visionaries. Grace is stuck dragging around this medium because the detectives she was with got way too annoyed with her. They stuck this medium, Jules, with Grace for the day, and Grace is beyond unhappy about it. Especially with the way certain conversations go.

Today you get 11 sentences from the first chapter of Grace through Redemption. WIPpet Wednesday is open to all who are interested. If you want to join in, create a blog post with a snippet from your WIP (Work in Progress). The only rule is that your snippet must be related to the date somehow, and feel free to get creative with the math! Here we go…context, Grace stuck in a cruiser with someone she really doesn’t want to be stuck with.

“I like you, Grace.”

Groaning, Grace ignored her.

“We should go on a date sometime,” Jules said, her eyes wide when Grace looked back over at her.

“I think not,” Grace answered sharply. “I’m not into dating.”

“Not into dating in general or not into dating people like me?”

“Well, now that you ask,” Grace said. “I’m already dating someone. So unavailable.”

Jules hummed and closed her eyes. “Not dating for long.”

What does that even mean? Not dating for long? This is a medium, a psychic, a person who predicts things…hmmmm….

If you want to join in, create your post and check out all the other lovely posts here.

20 thoughts on “Failures and Successes #WIPpetWednesday & #ROW80

  1. Oooh. Seeing the future, or being manipulative to get a date? That would be something. If you had a good enough reputation as a predictor-of-the-future, you could actually influence it with your predictions…

  2. I’m with Grace…I’m a skeptic, so I don’t believe this Jules person knows anything. She probably reads people and makes good guesses, and it would irritate me if she made guesses I didn’t like. See? I knew I liked Grace! LOL

  3. Adrian, don’t feel too bad about having to shuffle your goals. ROW80 is like that, because life is like that. You’re making progress in the one thing, at least, and that’s still progress, so, YAY!
    As for the WIPpet … we’re watching “Psych” these days, so I’m getting a vision of Shawn pulling the wool over people’s eyes and getting away with it. Or maybe Jules is real, who knows?

  4. I inherently don’t trust this medium. Too contrived. Too convenient, that thing she said – when she didn’t seem to know why Grace wouldn’t want to date her…

    You made progress. The things you didn’t get to will be there when you can get back to them. I say celebrate the success, and make peace with your excellent traiging!

      • I tend to make all the goals I want to do, and then narrow them as I see what reality holds…unschooling means I don’t always know just what life has in store for us…

        I used to feel badly about the things let go, and I still have twinges sometimes…but I’ve learned that letting go of the guilt gives more energy for the other things in my life!

  5. Life changes. Goals change. Sometimes we have to adjust. I used to have a terrible time saying ‘no’ to projects and my plate would overflow and I’d be cranky and…yeah. Blech. So simplifying isn’t always a bad thing.

    I’d be tempted to push Jules out of a moving vehicle. Seriously. Sounds like she’s being manipulative or at least trying to sow some seeds of discontent.

    • I would agree with you wholeheartedly about Jules’ motives.

      Yeah. I definitely took on too many copy editing jobs. Ill stick to 2 a month from now on unless im not working

  6. Yeah, it seems faaaar too convenient that she knows that when a moment ago she wasn’t aware Grace was seeing someone.

    I think you did fabulously, given the craziness in your life right now. I’m going back to studying next year, and auditioning for a musical that will be rehearsing two nights a week, so there’s a good chance writing is sometimes going to have to give for me too in the future.

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