Big Bird Mania #WIPpetWednesday #ROW80

Hey all! So I’ve taken it pretty easy this past weekend. After finding out a friend died on Friday morning and finishing my novel that same day, I really just needed a break from life in general, so I took it easy. I didn’t write for two whole days! *gasp* I know! That never happens!

Here’s my ROW80 update!

1. Write 1667 words a day, like NaNo.

Sunday: 0
Monday: 277
Tuesday: 2126

As you can see, I didn’t really hit my goal on Monday, but I did do some writing and reading over what I had written to catch back up to where I was. This is the issue when I go back to writing a piece I haven’t looked at in awhile.

2. keep up with all blog posts ROW80, WIPpet, Open When and add in 1 extra post a week

All done/scheduled for this week since I’ll be out of town Friday and Saturday

3. Edit at least one chapter a week on something.

not yet

4. crochet one round of border a week

not yet…on my to do list for tomorrow though!

and onto WIPpet! I finished my novel, but I do still have the companion short story to go with it, so I’ve been very slowly working on that. Thanks to Kate for lending me her mojo this afternoon for a few hours!

My math this week is awesome. This is from chapter 37 of Unbound and is 165 words of fun. My math? 201 – 10 – 22 – 4 = 165. There! Simple! Here we go. The context is they went to get a creature, it escaped, and now they’re chasing it. Faye has just fallen to the ground because of screeching from this magnificent bird-like thingy that has no name yet.

“Get up!” he yelled.

Once she made out the words, Faye pushed up from the ground slowly, her head and ears still aching. Joel was yelling at her again, but she couldn’t move any faster. The creature charged, but Joel held his line. Before Faye could knock him out of harms way, Amelia appeared and fired her own gun. Apparently Faye had been the only one not issued a weapon. She snarled and glared. She had a weapon of her own.

The tingles that had been racing up and down her spine were at a breaking point. Faye tapped into them and let them spring through her body. She hissed as her fangs appeared and her nails grew. She cracked her neck and stared at Big Bird as he faltered a step when Amelia put another bullet into him. Joel looked over her shoulder and his eyes widened.

“Shit,” he muttered.

“Watch out, Big Bird. I’m coming,” Faye said, her voice far lower than normal.

And that, my friends, is the end! Catch you on the flip side!

25 thoughts on “Big Bird Mania #WIPpetWednesday #ROW80

  1. First line, third paragraph, should that be ‘breaking point’? Okay, besides that, nicely done. A great blend of tension and bad-assery as Faye gets ready to kick some shite out of Big Bird. *snork* Big Bird…he needs a good set-to.

    So sorry to hear about your friend. Definitely, time for yourself was needed. You’ll get back into the swing of it (especially with Kate flinging the mojo around).

  2. You are more than welcome for the mojo. And thank you for giving it back when you were done with it.

    I like “magnificent bird-like thingy,” but I guess that has to go. :/

  3. Still cracking up at Big Bird. I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned yet today how much I like Faye…and Joel, of course. :) How understated Joel always is—too funny. I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t have been exactly my reaction on seeing Faye. And that last line…yep.

    • I loved writing this Big Bird scene. It was loads of fun. I almost extended it and made it 2-3 times as long as I had planned. I still might in edits, we’ll see. Yeah, I like Faye in her Tainted form. She’s pretty kickass and badass in it. Like nothing can stop her. =P

  4. Some great tension bubbling there, and I really like the description of Faye’s transformation. Can she transform at will, or is it something to do with the stress of the situation, or how does it work?

    • Both actually. But shes not fond of doing it because shes not fond of that part of her (she calls it her cursed bloodline) so it mostly happens in this book because of stress and/or danger

  5. ‘Big bird’ I love it – I could hear her voice in my head when she said that – nicely done. I felt the tension :-)

    So sorry to hear about your friend. You made excellent progress considering the emotional turmoil and your novel coming to an end. Sometimes we work through the pain.

    • I only had one chapter left to weite so easier said than done but i managed to get through. Thanks.

      I can hear her saying it too. Part of why its one of my favorite lines.

  6. To borrow a line from the Vulcans, “I grieve with you.”

    I want one of these characters to actually call BB “That magificent bird-like thingy”. Please?

    The more I see of Faye and her world, the more I like them!

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